Technology in the 21st century is improving exponentially; however, this growth probably won’t be slowing down any time soon. One of the important improvements in different technologies is the ability to automate several processes. Automation technology can help businesses in several ways. It can align your processes with customer expectations, increase customer satisfaction, and maximise your business’ profits. For the Self Storage industry, SiteLink is the Self Storage software that provides any automation opportunities for facility owners.

Align your processes with customer expectations

As technology grows and improves, it becomes more integrated in the everyday lives of consumers. The more automation technology becomes mainstream, the more consumers expect automated processes. By implementing automation technology in your business, you’re aligning your business processes with the expectation of your consumers.

Increase your customer’s satisfaction levels

Utilising automation technology can be one of the best ways to improve your customer satisfaction levels. If your business is better meeting the expectations of your customers, they’re going to be more satisfied with your level of service. Having more satisfied customers can have many benefits for your business. These benefits can include more and better customer reviews, which can generate more potential customers.

Maximise your profits

At the end of the day, your facility is a big business investment, so you need to utilise a Self Storage software that can help you maximise your profits. When you’re able to take advantage of automation features, you can spend less time on the daily painstaking but necessary tasks essential to making your business successful. This has the potential to open up a lot more time for you to spend developing and growing your business.

There are plenty of other benefits that using a Self Storage software with automation features can have for your facility. If you’d like to learn more about SiteLink’s automation technology and what else it can do for your Self Storage facility, contact our team today.

Switch to SiteLink, the world’s largest storage management software provider

If you’re involved in the Self Storage industry, then you know how important it is to have a functioning, easy to use, and well-designed storage management software supporting your business. If your current software is underperforming or placing limitations on your Self Storage facility, you should consider switching to the world’s most used storage management software, SiteLink.

SiteLink is Australia’s and the world’s most used Self Storage software provider. SiteLink services approximately 14,000 facilities and currently has over 45,000 active installations. The global reach of our storage management software has created the need for SiteLink Web Edition to be available in twelve different languages, with each edition adapted to suit specific national laws regarding taxation and decimalisation. These international versions of SiteLink make it the only truly global storage management software available. SiteLink’s international success has come as a result of our excellent customer service, highlighting the level of support our customers receive.

SiteLink also has more technology partners than any other storage management software provider. SiteLink is partnered with over 30 providers for features like payment processors, SMS providers, and auction handling. These partnerships ensure Self Storage facilities run smoothly and without interruption, which saves owners time and money when compared with other software providers.

SiteLink is the only storage management software that is PCI DSS Level 1 Certified, which means our payment portals have the same security and encryption levels as major banks. No other storage management software provider can offer the same level of protection, making SiteLink the most secure option.

SiteLink is a full suite of products designed to help Self Storage facility owners manage their business on a day-to-day basis. SiteLink Web Edition manages the daily functions of your facilities, the Corporate Control Centre allows for the management of multiple facilities, and SiteLink MyHub gives you real-time information, and functionality at a glance no matter where you are.

If you’re still not convinced of the benefits of switching to SiteLink, read what some of our customers have had to say about our storage management software. You can see more of our Google Reviews here.

If you’d like to learn more about switching from your current storage management software to SiteLink, contact our team today.

SiteLink myHub Adds Day-to-Day Tablet Functions

Go mobile, run your business on tablets, smartphones, PCs and Macs

SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for storage operations of all sizes, has released a new version of SiteLink myHub, the browser-based companion to SiteLink Web Edition self-storage management software.

The browser-based SiteLink myHub works in conjunction with SiteLink Web Edition and runs on tablets, smartphones, PCs and Macs. SiteLink myHub and Web Edition share the same back-end server database in real-time. The cloud-based architecture offers access on any number of devices, from any location.

SiteLink myHub adoption is quick and easy because the intuitive, user-friendly interface mimics that of SiteLink Web Edition. Operators run Web Edition and myHub simultaneously because they share the same database, credentials and access levels.

Convenience is key with SiteLink myHub

Browser-based capabilities give managers and owners more flexibility to operate on more systems including mobile devices and Macs:

  • Move tenants in/out; take payments; transfer units; execute, manage and audit electronic leases (SiteLink eSign) anytime, anywhere.
  • Use the graphical reporting Dashboard to view chart data at a glance (for multiple or single locations), or drill down to detailed reports when needed.
  • Managers verify and update unit status in real-time with the Walk Thru audit report.
  • Multi-store operators enjoy one-click access to all locations.

SiteLink eSign eliminates printing and storing paper records and boosts rentals in-person, online and by phone. Owners and customers alike enjoy the option of replacing print with email. With eFile Management enjoy one-click access and audit tools for all stores at a glance.

The Corporate Control Center version of SiteLink myHub offers the same report formatting, including PDF and Excel exporting, for any specified date range. Multi-store operators access consolidated or individual store reports in real-time.

SiteLink Web Edition customers can take advantage of this added convenience by logging into with their existing SiteLink credentials. For those who want to demo SiteLink myHub or download full-version demo software for SiteLink Web Edition, please either visit our demo request form, call sales at (07) 3889 9822 or email

Learn more about SiteLink myHub and SiteLink self-storage management software at

About SiteLink

Founded in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1996, SiteLink leads the industry in cloud-based and Windows self-storage management software and built-in, in-house payment processing. Client base feedback, the industry’s largest, and continued innovation result in the fastest, fewest clicks and most modern interface. Profit tools, integrations, quality service and regular updates make SiteLink the favorite of single and multi-store operators, including most top 100 operators. Stores with fewer than 250 units enjoy special bundle pricing. As the leader in website integration and payment processing, SiteLink offers online marketing, reservations, rentals and payment solutions. Built-in electronic signature and document management, TOTAL CRM, revenue management, TeleTracker phone integration and text messaging boost profits. More than fifty SiteLink Marketplace partners like web designers, call centers, kiosks, insurance, access systems and listing services deliver tighter integrations with SiteLink vs. other software. PCI Level 1 & SOC 1 Type II Certifications and industry-first OneSupport deliver software and payment processing support under one roof.

How to Gain an Unfair Advantage over Competitors in Self Storage

Sitelink Storage Management Software

As Self Storage grows in Australia, so does the amount of facilities offering Self Storage. In the late 90’s the Self Storage industry took off in Australia and we saw many new sites take shape and rent up.

At the same time, an Internet revolution was growing in the background along with in the mid 2000’2 the first smartphone.

Our world changed forever. The Internet grew at rate that was hard for anyone to keep up with. At the same time, SiteLink software was being created and that equally would change the way we rented Self Storage units worldwide.

The global Self Storage industry at the time was dominated by two US brands, both serving the industry well enough and over time, technology would catch up with these products.

A new vision of a Self Storage world connected by the Internet was evolving and SiteLink Web Edition was at the forefront of this development, with standalone and web products.

Introduced to Australia in 2007, SiteLink Web Edition has gone on to become the fastest growing Self Storage software product not only here in Australia but globally and has gone on to become the most awarded industry offering.

OK, so where is the ‘Unfair Advantage” for users?

Firstly, cost. With SiteLink Web Edition, no servers are needed and users can install the product on as many computers as needed with no additional fees. For any site with 2 or more computers your costs are reduced and your access to data increases.

Secondly, web Integration. Your website is the place where the majority will find your Self Storage site and SiteLink Web Edition has the industry’s leading integration tools from inquiry, reservations, online move ins and reporting and much more.

Management Summary

Thirdly, empowerment. SiteLink Web Edition is flexible and allows you to promote and track spaces and add CRM events to build call to action events that sell space more effectively. Deliver real choice to storers with over 20 integrations.

I can hear you saying that this is just all sales clap trap.

Far from it. There are plenty of sites that use out of date software, inaccurate software and there are plenty that use all sorts of stuff from spreadsheets to bits of paper. It’s only when you sell up that errors rear their ugly head of which inevitably cost you money.

The Unfair advantage that SiteLink Web Edition users have is that they know their data is accurate with PCI-DSS certification, not just compliance, SOC1 certification and many audit tools.

SiteLink users can respond to immediate change and can deliver on trend specials and features to potential storers.

If you don’t have these tools then it’s costing you money. With regular updates to keep SiteLink Web Edition focused on the delivery of money making tools for your Self Storage business, users to really have an unfair advantage over competitors.

SiteLink created owns its own Merchant Service company, designed to deliver the latest high quality merchant services to users. Some competitive products are owned by large payment companies with a focus on transactional activity.

Our goal is to help you make money in Self Storage and we have helped more than 12,500 users.

To find out how your site can be part of the unfair advantage that Sitelink Web Edition users enjoy, contact us today.

The Paperless Office is not a Dream!


Sitelink’s eSign paperless agreement technology delivers secure paperless leases and agreements for users of SiteLink Web Edition.

The Paperless Office is not a Dream!

Self Storage sites around the world generate thousands of pieces of paper every year and once you have been business for several years the storage of thousands of agreements. Some will say that’s okay because you’re in the storage business – reality is that these agreements take up space and importantly are not that easy to locate.

SiteLink Web Edition recently added a new feature called eSign. Using this feature means that self storage operators, managers and staff can prepare electronic agreement for signing my customers using commercially available trackpads or tablets in the store at time of sign up.

There are a number of practical reasons why using the digital signature technology will save storage operators time and money.

  • Agreements no longer need to be stored in paper files taking up space.
  • agreements are electronically verified and can be viewed by staff and management.
  • Electronic retention means that these agreements are recoverable in the event of a dispute or litigation.

One of the key features of the new technology is that there is a signature component for the facility manager to sign, ensuring that the lease has been reviewed.


A management console is designed for lease auditing by senior staff and that all electronic agreements and leases and agreements can be ordered for compliance which is a very time-consuming task when leases and agreements are on paper.

Sitelink’s eSign agreements are available in HTML format to deliver a professional looking appearance and for multiple store operators; these agreements can be cloned across all stores easily.

Under the Australian electronics transactions Act UETA documents executed online with electronic signatures that are not exempted or excluded are legally valid with the same legal standing as paper documents executed by hand.

Sitelink’s eSign technologies designed to contain the attribute that the Australian electronic transactions act, UETA and ESIGN set forth for electronic signature to be enforceable. Each of these acts reinforcing the validity of many types of electronic agreements. According to a ESIGN for example a contract may not be denied legal effect, validity, or enforceability, solely because electronic signature for electronic record was used in its formation.

Providing an extensive audit trail that serves as a third party validation of transaction completion, including information such as the signers email address, name, authentication method, IP address with timestamp, document hash codes, and an embedded signature certificate provides safety and legal redress as to the validity of the signatory party.

eSign agreements are kept on file electronically for seven years, which is to use pass the statutory limit for the legal requirement for record-keeping by business. If you are a SiteLink user in Australia or New Zealand and want to know more Click Here

Evaluating Self Storage Software

Money / Cash

How do you go about evaluating Self Storage software? Where do you start? Here is our guide to help you assess Self Storage software for your Self Storage facility.

1. How big do you plan to be?

What are your growth plans? Have you build a new facility with multiple stages that will be staged over a number of years based on growth? Or do you have plans to build more than one facility? Do you run a small facility that has no potential for growth? Working at your growth pattern is essential before you make any assessment of Self Storage software.

2. How many people do you think will need to use the software?

This might seem like a silly question but not all Self Storage software is the same. Web-based software gives operators almost unlimited choice in the number of users as opposed to traditional server based and PC-based software which may have additional user restrictions. And may cost a lot more to add additional users.

3. What do other operators use?

This is not always a great test of how good Self Storage management software is as every Self Storage operator operates differently and your needs may differ from the facility that you might be comparing yourself with. Their needs and growth may differ to yours which could mean that their recommendation does not suit your business. Other operators can provide insight into the service that is provided by a Self Storage software company and that is a significant criteria for any purchase. Be wary of specific advice that says use “XYZ storage because it’s the best”. It might be for them, they could be out of date!

4. What specific features are essential for me?

Just about all Self Storage software bills clients on a cyclical basis whether it be monthly weekly fortnightly etc. as we said before not all Self Storage operators operate in the same way and it’s important that the software that you choose allows you to plan your day as you would have it. Undertaking daily software tasks is something that every Self Storage facility that uses software has to do; understanding that you want to do this to your timetable rather than the software’s timetable is essential. As an example if the software requires you to process all of your letters and payments and charges prior to starting each day might mean that you have to conduct this process prior to opening as it is common for keen Storers to turn up at your store right on opening wanting to rent a space or purchase a merchandise. Nothing can be worse than having to wait for the software to run through its procedures prior to you being able to make a sale. Controlling the daily processing of these software tasks should be your decision.

5. Payment processors make a difference.

Modern day Self Storage sites take Internet payments and customers expect this. There is a cost for you to transact this business with a third party payment processor and your bank and these cost range anywhere from 1 to 4% depending on who you use and the deal that you have struck. An essential element of your choice must be to use a software package that gives and delivers choice of payment processor. Without choice you are locked in your particular payment processors terms and charges and more often than not the software provider is receiving a portion of those payments on an ongoing basis, increasing the cost of you to deliver Internet and credit card payment service. Choose a software vendor that delivers choice for payment processors which means that you can shop around for the best deal for credit card transactions. This can add up to many thousands of dollars per year and should form a major part of your decision-making process about which software you pick for your facility because these ongoing charges over the life of your facility are significant.

6. How do I manage more than one facility?

If you’re growth plans include adding an additional facility, it will soon become evident that you need an overriding software package to help you manage both sites. Pick a Self Storage management software package that can provide an external “Home Office” or corporate control package. If you decide to use a corporate control package, check to see if the package can deal with promotions, security and rate control across all of your facilities. Not all corporate packages can do this.

7. Should I pick a web-based software or client base software?

When Self Storage software was first created in the late 80s the only choice was to install a software package onto the computer and use it. With the creation of the Internet and cloud-based computing opportunities were created for being able to deal with some of the stumbling blocks of PC-based software which included multiple users and expansion and most importantly backup. With cloud-based software backup is not an issue as the

8. What support will I get?

Traditional client server software is installed on a PC and typically software vendor’s offer a support contract for that software. If you let that lapse then it’s up to you so if you need help you will need to call the vendor and they will charge you for that help. Web-based software which is on a monthly subscription basis includes help. Another key factor is that you’re always on the latest version which means that you have always the best software available at any given time to run your business. This is a tried and tested model that delivers the best outcome for Self Storage operators as the industry changes so quickly. It would be naive to suggest that there is a perfect software company in the Self Storage industry: finding a software company that can deliver you a solid product, with well supported offerings and providing suite of products with third-party vendor’s that complete the Self Storage management picture in our view is the only way to manage a Self Storage facility.

9. Is the vendor a specialist?

Not all Self Storage software providers are specialists. Some work in other property vertical markets which have different operational metrics to Self Storage. Some are owned by financial institutions that see the industry on a transactional basis and want to participate in each transaction by way of fees. Dealing with a Self Storage specialist confirms their interest in your business as they live and die by your business and not other business.

10. Price

Yes, we left price to last as it’s the least most important factor. If price is to be the key factor in your decision making then you will compromise the ability of your site to make the best money it can. Like all things you get what you pay for and Self Storage is a competitive business. You will have competitors and for you to make money you need good tools in your tool kit. Choose wisely as it’s easy to pay less and lose more than you save.

Sitelink Suite

SiteLink Self Storage software is the value equation for Self Storage

SiteLink Self Storage software is the world leader in providing a specialist suite of Self Storage software products combined with third-party vendor integrations that can be used from the smallest facility right up to real estate investment trusts REITS and is available in more than 10 languages.

As part of your low, monthly SiteLink software subscription, operators have access to the mailing of notices, various forms of billing, CRM, tenant and new moving rate management, web interfacing for payments and reservations and multi user access. Combined with the monthly subscription, users have access to the corporate control Centre, which provides additional control over security enquiries and reservations, and promotions and overall set up.

All included in the one low monthly fee. If you have an electric gate there is no additional charge for a gate interface. SiteLink offers multiple payment processor solutions to suit any budget and operator and does not lock you in to any specific payment processing model, reducing your costs.

Third-party integrations which include SMS, online rental and analytical software are all available for SiteLink operators. Tight integration with the Internet is the hallmark of SiteLink as this is the most significant customer source available to any operator.

Sitelink Software submits its software to serious third-party testing, resulting in full PCI DSS level I certification and SOC 1 certification. It is one of only two software brands in the world to achieve this certification, providing peace of mind to all operators.

With over 11,000 sites and over 40,000 users, SiteLink is the software of choice by more Self Storage groups in Australia than any other software, Australia’s only REIT (National Storage) uses the software and hundreds of other sites from the smallest right to the largest you SiteLink every day to manage their Self Storage business.

Flexibility is the key to using Self Storage software and making the right choice is critical for the ongoing success of your business and more Self Storage software business has been successful using SiteLink software than any other and that is one thing that you can ask a SiteLink Self Storage user.

To find out more, ring today on 07 3889 9822 or email us for more information.

Sitelink Receives PCI DSS Level 1 Security Certification

PCI DSS Certificate of Compliance

After an extensive third party audit, SiteLink is awarded the highest level of software and server security certification, PCI DSS Level 1

SiteLink, the global industry leader in Self Storage management software, announces another security compliance achievement by receiving the PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider Certificate of Compliance.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is an information security standard defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. These standards cover all aspects of cardholder data in a system and include card data entry, processing and secure payment applications. Large companies such as pass the PCI DSS Level

1 Certification which stands out as the highest level of certification in the payment card industry. Leading brands such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa have incorporated PCI-DSS as the technical requirements for their data security compliance programs.

PCI DSS Certificate of Compliance

“This level of certification represents a major commitment and investment by SiteLink,” said Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s Chief Operating Officer. “We manage our customers’ data in accordance with the highest security standards.”

Following breaches in 2014 of security at some sites, Self Storage owners should ask their management software provider for their security level certificate and their process of safeguarding data. Owners should consider PCI certified software, not just PCI compliant software. Software companies can claim PCI compliance without undergoing third party audits under the PCI Council jurisdiction. To protect their interest, owners should check their software provider’s actual PCI Certificate validating audit completion and proper network security standards.

SiteLink’s PCI DSS Level 1 Certification is a critical component of its comprehensive and transparent leadership effort to protect businesses. “We have always held security certifications as a priority to demonstrate how we keep customers’ best interests above all else,” said Luke Lenzen, SiteLink’s Chief Technology Officer. “Undergoing this type of certification is not a small feat. Data encryption and quarterly penetration testing are focal points of our security strategy.”

The PCI DSS Level 1 Certification brings peace of mind to owners with the understanding that external auditors have certified the SiteLink suite of software products after the most stringent security audit./p>

Dallas Dogger, Managing director of Centreforce Technology Group, who represent SiteLink software in South East Asia said, “This is another milestone for SiteLink Web Edition, credit card security should be a number 1 priority for all Self Storage operators. Customers that use SiteLink Web Edition have the capability of being PCI compliant along with knowing that their software is PCI DSS certified to level 1 standards. SiteLink is the only software for Self Storage Management sold in our region that is compliant.

Self Storage Software

Self Storage Software draft

To run your Self Storage site successfully, you will need to use a reliable and user friendly Self Storage Software, to ensure that the important things like tenant move-ins, end of month reporting, billing and accounts are all kept up to date, systemised and secure.

There are lots of different brands but SiteLink Software stands out as a user favourite having won the prestigious “Best software” category from Inside Self Storage the leading Self Storage publication 4 years running. Self Storage is a service business like many others. Customers conduct their research on the Internet like they do for most things.

Your company website, more often that not will be the first touch to your business, linking potential customers to you. The key to winning the business that can come from this experience is getting your message across clearly and efficiently and then giving the potential customer the ‘chance to buy”- This is where not all Self Storage Software is the same. Full integration with your unit database and the website is essential so that the potential customer can rent a space from you right there right now, should they choose to.

Unfortunately there are a few Self Storage Businesses that decide to opt for the traditional route and do their admin and move-ins via paper form, which can lead to an array of problems! Human error is inevitable, people make mistakes and can cost the owners a lot of money. Can you now see why investing in a self storage software is so important for a business? It really does take the headache and minimise the admin time spent on optimising your management system.

Self Storage Software draft

Thousands of these online move ins happen every day and Self Storage Software like SiteLink Software makes it easy for these transactions to occur. Once the customer has rented a space, they will want to pay for their storage online. SiteLink Software provides a simple web template that can be added to the website so that self Storage payments can be made.

It’s easy for new operators to skip these steps and make the wrong choice of Self Storage Software that does not offer these built in features. This can be a costly mistake, handing online reservations and online move ins to competitors.

Self Storage Software also automates the daily billing task. SiteLink Software provides schedules of letters to be sent every day by email SMS or post. Keeping up to date with his task is easy with Self Storage Management software, SiteLink Software. If you are an existing operator and want to change to SiteLink, we have conversion programs for Winsen, StorMan Software, RentPlus, Syrasoft, Self Storage Manager and many others.

When you reviewing your Self Storage Software options don’t forget PCI compliance. PCI Compliance is critical to ensure the safety of Credit Card transactions.

Want to know more about SiteLink Software? Contact us here to start your free trial!

Price Disparity – Are You Leaving Money In Your Spaces?

Petrol Station

Price Disparity – Are You Leaving Money In Your Spaces?

It’s against the law in Australia to fix your prices to competitor’s prices and the law takes a very dim view in markets where competition is low and prices appear to be the same. We have all seen how petrol stations appear to have the same price every day and then miraculously when one service station price goes down by $.15 a litre the others follow suit if by magic! Price disparity

In the customer’s mind “petrol is petrol” and very few customers have brand loyalty. Customers usually shop for fuel on the cheapest days at the cheapest service stations. Some are even prepared to queue up for long times even if it is to save under one dollar and are of course mesmerised by the 4c a litre coupons.

Fuel is a necessity and we need it to run our cars and therefore only wish to pay the least amount of money for it. All smells the same!

Self Storage is different. It’s not a grudge purchase but it certainly fits into the “I only buy storage when I need it” category.

Self Storage does not have the industry awareness that the fuel industry does. There’s certainly a lot more petrol stations and there are Self Storage facilities especially in high exposure locations. Nevertheless, statistics show that the majority of Self Storage enquirers actually rent a space from one of the facilities that they have contacted. So it is inevitable that a Self Storage customer will pay the asking price of the Self Storage facility that for them is the best deal.

To a potential storer a Self Storage facility may be very little different in reality to a petrol station: “a tin shed is a tin shed” one customer told me one day when I was on site doing some work!

They may very well be right. Whilst we all work in the industry we could argue that not all tin sheds are the same!

Some sites offer much better service of others including security, cleanliness and much more. In the eyes of the customer though, do these differences stack up to as much as 50% difference in a small geographical area?

What is the time-honoured method of setting prices for Self Storage spaces? Many might consider that they contact their fellow Self Storage facility and conduct a “mystery shop” and find out what the prices are to help them set their own prices. That’s one way.

With the advent of rate management systems in Self Storage software like SiteLink Software, no two Self Storage units may be the same price today or tomorrow. It’s a matter of supply and demand, not unlike the airlines, or the rental car industry.

Increasingly, we are seeing smarter Self Storage operators exposing their prices on the Internet. For those that do and are competitive, they have an opportunity to do business with customers who are ready to buy. Our new age impatient, Web savvy customers, won’t spend much time on any website where the detail is confused or the price is not exposed. There are some operators that would contend that it is difficult to compete with fellow Self Storage operators who do not expose their prices on the Internet. On the other hand the operators who have exposed their prices on the Web and give their customers an opportunity to move in or reserve a space immediately, pick up customers every day who are ready to buy. Research shows that most people who enquire about Self Storage are ready to buy so therefore having a call to action on your website can lead to additional business. We are not any different to any other service business.

If customers think that a “tin shed is a tin shed”, then why is there a major disparity between prices of similar facilities in most markets?

It’s healthy to see competition, but I believe damage is done to the credibility of the industry when there is a major disparity between what appears to be the same product at similar facilities.

Petrol Station

I am not advocating setting your prices the same as your competition – far from it. As an industry we have created no price expectations for our product in the marketplace. The average consumer would have no idea how much Self Storage space costs.

I often use the example of Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz. Most of us know how much each of these vehicles cost, we see the ads every night whilst we are watching the news. I am not in the market for either one, but anecdotally I know how much they are.

The same cannot be said for Self Storage. A few years back, the SSSA completed a demand study which proved the point that the price expectation of potential customers was about half of the actual rates charged. Generally sticker shock is pretty high in Self Storage.

So the burning question is “Are you leaving money on the table? I would suggest that some of you are by not getting the pricing right of your Storage spaces in the first place. There is little doubt that larger operators use sophisticated tools to price their spaces to deliver a return with costs that reflect the operation of the business. If you have to discount significantly to rent your spaces in your market then your prices may be incorrect in the first place. Whilst everybody expects a bargain these days it’s important to get your pricing right prior to offering any discount. Last month our article on discounting created a lot of interest, moreover the level of discounting over 500,000 discounts checked was 7%. Do you have to discount more than 7% to rent your spaces?

There is a price disparity between Mercedes-Benz and a Hyundai for good reason despite the fact that they both cars and they both have four wheels and I don’t have to explain to anybody the difference – it’s obvious. But don’t forget they are the same thing – a car.

When there is 50% or more disparity between what appear to be the same Self Storage spaces at different facilities it can be very difficult to explain the difference to a customer. Such a large disparity can also create distrust is the customer does not know which one is value. The customer would ask themselves why there is such a big difference in price – there must be something wrong with the cheaper one and of course this falls right into the trap of the facility with the highest price. Remember, if everybody bought on price alone, the larger facilities with the highest prices would be empty. This is clearly not the case. Actually it’s the reverse.

So the potential to leave money on the table and to needlessly give money away is pretty high when there is major price disparity in the market./p>

Are you too cheap or is your competitor to expensive? If they have great occupancy, you have your answer!

Many see Self Storage as a simple commodity and in reality it probably is.

If you wanted to rent a Self Storage space would you want to know the price of the website?

If you believe you prices are competitive, then tell the world. After all they are asking by visiting your website every day!

And don’t forget to give them an opportunity to buy, right there on your front page. Right now.

If you are in the market for a self storage management system that is user-friendly, can help you make money, raise rents for each tenant individually including existing tenants based on industry-leading practices, and achieve rental rate increases then you should view SiteLink Software. A globally trusted self storage software. Click here to trial SiteLink for free!