The effective management of a Self Storage facility is absolutely essential for success. Without any storage management software, effectively managing a Self Storage facility would be next to impossible and very impractical. SiteLink is the best storage management software when it comes to managing your facility to maximise your success. Here are a few reasons why.

Reporting for analysing data

When it comes to effectively managing a Self Storage facility, the ability to report on and analyse data is incredibly important. The ability to access real-time reports on any computer or mobile device is a huge advantage as it allows you to analyse your data quickly and easily. This data analysis can help you establish the successes of your facility, which can show you what you need to do more of. It can also help you establish the shortfalls of your facility and help you establish solutions to turn these aspects around.

Automation to save time and money

The essential daily processing tasks associated with effectively managing a Self Storage facility can take up a lot of time and effort. With a storage management software like SiteLink, these daily processes are completely automated. This automation means you’re able to spend more time focused on activities that will bring more value to your Self Storage facility, which can lead to more profit and success in the long run.

Storage management software with excellent support

SiteLink offers customers an incredible amount of support. If there’s an issue with your storage management software, our support services are there to help create a solution. With the excellent customer support SiteLink provides, your problems can be solved quicker and easier. This can lead to a more effective management process and in turn, to more profits.

SiteLink’s excellent customer support, automation processes, and ability to access real-time data makes it the best storage management software available to Self Storage owners. If you’re looking to maximise your profits through an effective management process, make sure you take advantage of the benefits of SiteLink Software. Contact us today to learn more.

Switch to SiteLink, the world’s largest storage management software provider

If you’re involved in the Self Storage industry, then you know how important it is to have a functioning, easy to use, and well-designed storage management software supporting your business. If your current software is underperforming or placing limitations on your Self Storage facility, you should consider switching to the world’s most used storage management software, SiteLink.

SiteLink is Australia’s and the world’s most used Self Storage software provider. SiteLink services approximately 14,000 facilities and currently has over 45,000 active installations. The global reach of our storage management software has created the need for SiteLink Web Edition to be available in twelve different languages, with each edition adapted to suit specific national laws regarding taxation and decimalisation. These international versions of SiteLink make it the only truly global storage management software available. SiteLink’s international success has come as a result of our excellent customer service, highlighting the level of support our customers receive.

SiteLink also has more technology partners than any other storage management software provider. SiteLink is partnered with over 30 providers for features like payment processors, SMS providers, and auction handling. These partnerships ensure Self Storage facilities run smoothly and without interruption, which saves owners time and money when compared with other software providers.

SiteLink is the only storage management software that is PCI DSS Level 1 Certified, which means our payment portals have the same security and encryption levels as major banks. No other storage management software provider can offer the same level of protection, making SiteLink the most secure option.

SiteLink is a full suite of products designed to help Self Storage facility owners manage their business on a day-to-day basis. SiteLink Web Edition manages the daily functions of your facilities, the Corporate Control Centre allows for the management of multiple facilities, and SiteLink MyHub gives you real-time information, and functionality at a glance no matter where you are.

If you’re still not convinced of the benefits of switching to SiteLink, read what some of our customers have had to say about our storage management software. You can see more of our Google Reviews here.

If you’d like to learn more about switching from your current storage management software to SiteLink, contact our team today.

SiteLink vs. Storman: Google Reviews

If you’re having troubles with Storman or other Self Storage software, you should consider swapping to SiteLink . SiteLink is an award-winning Self Storage software and has been the recipient of Inside Self Storage’s annual ‘Best Management Software‘ award since 2011. But don’t just take our word for it!

SiteLink has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews. Here’s what some of our valued customers have to say about SiteLink.

“We’ve been running SiteLink Web Edition management software since 2009 for our three storage sites and the platform is very stable and reliable. Our data is stored securely in a remote data centre and we have an up-to-date copy at all times on our local PCs. Having worked previously with RentPlus, Storage Manager and Storman, the hassle free operation of SiteLink is like chalk and cheese to the others. Do yourself a favour and change over – you won’t regret it!” Doug Parry, 2016.

“SiteLink is an easy to use program for anyone in the storage business. It integrates well with any computer system and the programmers are always expanding its feature set. Backup service and support is second to none – the support team is Australian and they can generally remote in and fix any issues promptly. Well done SiteLink on a great product, thumbs up!” Stor-Mate Tamworth, 2016.

“We recently changed our franchise network onto SiteLink after years of average customer service and questionable software performance. At all times we have found Michael, Curt and the rest of the SiteLink team to be incredibly helpful. We have relied heavily upon the support staff to train us in what is a very fast paced working environment. There has never been a phone call unanswered or a question too stupid. Highly recommended!” Cam Robertson, 2016.

“Ever since we’ve switched over to SiteLink, we’ve been able to take our business to a new level. The software is really easy to operate, and when there is an issue (rarely), support remains patient and talks us through the solution. If you’re running a Self Storage facility without SiteLink, then it is likely that your facility is running you. There are many automated features that help cut running costs and maximise income. KeepSafe Storage operate multiple facilities in Perth and our online presence and functionality is critical to our success.” Shaun Bain, 2016.

“Fort Knox Storage has moved our 33 sites from Storman to SiteLink and could not be more impressed with the technical support or the product. The management reporting has allowed more in-depth understanding of our business and allows us to evaluate how our staff manage the sites which in turn will allow us to focus staff training in areas that are most relevant. The ease of use of the software and implementation with minimal training has made the process very cost effective.” Fort Knox Storage, 2016.

“I am a relatively new user to SiteLink, I currently use SiteLink Web Edition to manage our current Self Storage sites. Dallas, Michael, Curt and the support staff were able to transfer all of our existing data overnight without any issues. With over 300 YouTube demo instructional videos available most day-to-day operational enquiries can easily be viewed as a step by step tutorial. The support I received during the initial set up specific to each site was first class, when you call up, there is always someone available to take your call. This to is priceless when you can continue with your daily activities without the need to be waiting hours or days for return calls.

SiteLink is very proactive in introducing new features and is constantly evolving with new market requirements specific to the Self Storage industry. The fact that SiteLink is a cloud based product means you can log into your data base from any PC, anywhere, anytime with your specific details. In closing, I am very happy with my decision to join the SiteLink team and look forward to seeing them grow.” Greg Burton, 2016.

If you’re ready to swap from Storman or your other Self Storage software to SiteLink, contact the SiteLink team today to learn more.

SiteLink vs. Storman: What’s easier to use?

Running a Self Storage facility can be a lot of hard work, but an effective Self Storage management software can make things easier. SiteLink is the best Self Storage management software out there because it makes your job a whole lot easier.

SiteLink is cloud-based software, which aligns it with current technologies. The alignment with current technology best practice makes SiteLink the best Self Storage management software available.

While SiteLink is an in-depth and detailed software, it’s still easy for Self Storage facility owners to use. SiteLink was designed with user flow in mind, making it an intuitive piece of software and a lot easier to use than Storman.

Your access to SiteLink is unlimited. You can access SiteLink on any device, including your phone, tablet, or computer, and on any Internet browser, including Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. When you use SiteLink, you also have access to all reporting online.

The high level of accessibility means operators can use SiteLink anywhere at any time, making it the best Self Storage management software.

The biggest ease that comes from using SiteLink is the automation. With SiteLink, the need for daily processing is eliminated as each process, such as sending out invoices, receipts, late letters, and rent increase notices, is fully automated through the software. The ease of use and elimination of daily processing makes SiteLink the best Self Storage management software.

Perhaps the most telling evidence that SiteLink is easier to use and an all-round better software is the annual Inside Self Storage Best of Business awards. For the past six years, SiteLink has received the ‘Best Management Software’ award, which is voted on by users, rather than judges, which makes it an accurate description of what users think of SiteLink.

If you’re ready to change from Storman to SiteLink, the best Self Storage management software, contact us today to learn more.

SiteLink Launches StorageForum

Get more out of SiteLink and enrich your business through conversation

SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for storage operations of all sizes, is excited to announce the launch of StorageForum, a discussion-based website designed for the SiteLink community and open to the Self Storage industry as a whole.

StorageForum launched on May 15th and clocked over 39,000 page views in its first 3 days. The syndicated daily comic Dilbert (Lifestyle section) is reportedly a “huge hit,” and users happily weighed in on the first SiteLink poll asking “How often do you run a promotion?”. Activity quickly ramped up with many lively software and non-software related conversations ranging from ideas on marketing to recommendations on tablets for SiteLink eSign™.

In StorageForum, users can discuss SiteLink software, ask industry-specific questions, discover marketplace partners and explore the unique aspects of the Self Storage business. On the lighter side, categories such as Humour, Pets and Opinion add a bit of entertainment to forum visitors. Its goal is to promote helpful, educational and thought-provoking conversations through the free exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge. Some discussion topics include:

With innovations like StorageForum and the recent release of myHub, it’s no wonder SiteLink has been voted Best Storage Software from Inside Self Storage for the past six years running. SiteLink’s continual innovation efforts and high-quality service has lead to a user satisfaction rating of over 98%.

An excellent resource for those starting out in the industry and seasoned storage professionals alike, StorageForum has a place for everyone. StorageForum is found on the website and through “Community” buttons in the SiteLink client and myHub portal.

SiteLink Users Finalists in every Category of SSAA AWards

With over 30 entries in the 2015 Awards for Excellence, the SSAA would like to extend its thanks to all nominees and congratulate the following finalists on their significant contribution in building the reputation of the self storage industry across Australasia. Evert category included a SiteLink user! SiteLink thanks each category finalist.

Best Expansion/Upgrade

  • Safe ‘n’ Sound, Rutherford
  • Wilson Storage, Cheltenham (SiteLink User)

Facility of the Year

  • Storage King, Helensvale
  • U-Store-It, Keswick (SiteLink User)
  • Wilson Storage, Cheltenham (SiteLink User)

SSAA Innovation Award

  • Construction of Storage King Helensvale (innovative design and products) – Steel Storage
  • Sitelink Esign – Centreforce Technology Group
  • Streamline Recess Cylinder Lock – Steel Storage

Manager of the Year

  • Andrea Denize, Storage King (Takapuna)
  • Linda Barker, Fort Knox Self Storage (Moorabbin) (SiteLink User)

Regional Facility of the Year

  • Bunbury Self Storage, Picton
  • Storage First, Noosaville (SiteLink User)
  • Storage King, Berkeley Vale

Service Member of the Year

SSAA Small Operator of the Year

  • Four Seasons Storage, Toronto
  • Storage First, Noosaville (SiteLink User)
  • Store Ur Stuff, Clarence Gardens
  • Storex Self Storage, Dandenong Sth