SiteLink vs. Storman: Google Reviews

If you’re having troubles with Storman or other Self Storage software, you should consider swapping to SiteLink . SiteLink is an award-winning Self Storage software and has been the recipient of Inside Self Storage’s annual ‘Best Management Software‘ award since 2011. But don’t just take our word for it!

SiteLink has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews. Here’s what some of our valued customers have to say about SiteLink.

“We’ve been running SiteLink Web Edition management software since 2009 for our three storage sites and the platform is very stable and reliable. Our data is stored securely in a remote data centre and we have an up-to-date copy at all times on our local PCs. Having worked previously with RentPlus, Storage Manager and Storman, the hassle free operation of SiteLink is like chalk and cheese to the others. Do yourself a favour and change over – you won’t regret it!” Doug Parry, 2016.

“SiteLink is an easy to use program for anyone in the storage business. It integrates well with any computer system and the programmers are always expanding its feature set. Backup service and support is second to none – the support team is Australian and they can generally remote in and fix any issues promptly. Well done SiteLink on a great product, thumbs up!” Stor-Mate Tamworth, 2016.

“We recently changed our franchise network onto SiteLink after years of average customer service and questionable software performance. At all times we have found Michael, Curt and the rest of the SiteLink team to be incredibly helpful. We have relied heavily upon the support staff to train us in what is a very fast paced working environment. There has never been a phone call unanswered or a question too stupid. Highly recommended!” Cam Robertson, 2016.

“Ever since we’ve switched over to SiteLink, we’ve been able to take our business to a new level. The software is really easy to operate, and when there is an issue (rarely), support remains patient and talks us through the solution. If you’re running a Self Storage facility without SiteLink, then it is likely that your facility is running you. There are many automated features that help cut running costs and maximise income. KeepSafe Storage operate multiple facilities in Perth and our online presence and functionality is critical to our success.” Shaun Bain, 2016.

“Fort Knox Storage has moved our 33 sites from Storman to SiteLink and could not be more impressed with the technical support or the product. The management reporting has allowed more in-depth understanding of our business and allows us to evaluate how our staff manage the sites which in turn will allow us to focus staff training in areas that are most relevant. The ease of use of the software and implementation with minimal training has made the process very cost effective.” Fort Knox Storage, 2016.

“I am a relatively new user to SiteLink, I currently use SiteLink Web Edition to manage our current Self Storage sites. Dallas, Michael, Curt and the support staff were able to transfer all of our existing data overnight without any issues. With over 300 YouTube demo instructional videos available most day-to-day operational enquiries can easily be viewed as a step by step tutorial. The support I received during the initial set up specific to each site was first class, when you call up, there is always someone available to take your call. This to is priceless when you can continue with your daily activities without the need to be waiting hours or days for return calls.

SiteLink is very proactive in introducing new features and is constantly evolving with new market requirements specific to the Self Storage industry. The fact that SiteLink is a cloud based product means you can log into your data base from any PC, anywhere, anytime with your specific details. In closing, I am very happy with my decision to join the SiteLink team and look forward to seeing them grow.” Greg Burton, 2016.

If you’re ready to swap from Storman or your other Self Storage software to SiteLink, contact the SiteLink team today to learn more.

SiteLink vs. Storman: What’s better for your facility?

Whatever Self Storage management software you’re using, switching to SiteLink should allow you to see major benefits in your facility’s bottom line. Changing from Storman or other software to SiteLink may save your Self Storage facility both time and money.

With SiteLink, you have unlimited access to phone support with no wait times, meaning you don’t need to spend hours on the phone before your query is answered. Any email queries you have are also answered within 30 minutes, so you can be confident that changing from Storman or other software to SiteLink can give you more time to run your business.

SiteLink offers customers unlimited access to over 300 training videos and quizzes, so you and your employees can be constantly working to improve. Training your staff can make them more efficient and productive, which increases your bottom line.

When you’re changing from Storman or other software to SiteLink, you’re switching to a Self Storage management software that’s intuitive and easy to use. With SiteLink, every button is clearly explained to make running your Self Storage facility easier. With an easy to use program, you should be able to spend more time running your facility.

SiteLink comes with complimentary multi-site management software. When you’re changing from Storman or other software to SiteLink, you might save money by not having to make those extra purchases.

The biggest time saver you could receive when you’re changing from Storman or other software to SiteLink is the added automation. SiteLink automates the day to day processing required in a Self Storage facility, like sending invoices, receipts, late letters, and rent increase notices to your customers.

Changing from Storman or other software to SiteLink eliminates the need for daily processing. This should free up a large portion of your time every day that you could dedicate to other aspects of your facility that might need attention.

If you’re ready to make the switch to a better Self Storage management software, contact SiteLink today.