Software features

Start your new storage facility the right way

Choosing the wrong storage management software when you start can lead to limiting your revenue and growth potential. Using the wrong software will mean that you can’t go unmanned, use customer apps or implement sophisticated revenue and yeild management as your facility grows.


Online Rentals

Online Rentals

Online booking is a ‘must have’ feature for any new storage facility. With Sitelink and RapidStor, customers can choose, book, sign and pay for their storage unit entirely online!

Sitelink myHub


Don’t hire staff to do work that can be automated.

Some of our automation systems include:

  • SMS: Send and receive client alerts, overdue and marketing messages.
  • Automated invoicing, receipting and payments to lessen the amount of debtors and save you from sending this out manually.
  • Automated CRM events so you can continue the whole customer journey even once they are a storer and much MORE!
Software features

Access Sitelink wherever you want

Browser & desktop access – the best of both worlds

Sitelink is available as both a desktop app and within a browser, delivering the best of a cloud based software with the reliability of a desktop application. This makes Sitelink the most accessible and reliable Storage Management Software solution.

All the features you need for your startup to grow

Payment Gateway

More options for payment gateways to suit your business.

Accounting Software

Integrated with most major accounting software options.

Storercheck Integration

Automatically checks Storercheck to help you avoid bad storers.

2 Way SMS

Provide SMS as a support channel for your customers.


Use data to create and maintain effective marketing strategies.

Access Control

Control settings, revenue, discounts across multiple sites.

Local Support & Training

Sitelink Web Edition is a fully featured suite of products, all designed to help any Self Storage facility manage daily tasks. This is why we have a local dedicated team ready to support your staff get the most out of your Self Storage Management Software.

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