StorApp By RapidStor

Save money using StorApp, the first fully featured self storage tennant app. Empower your customers to self serve.

SSAA Excellence in Innovation

StorApp is the end to end solution

Using StorApp your customers can check on their account, invoices payments and make any updates they need. All completed 24/7 and without your staff needing to be involved.

Customers can access StorApp as soon as they finish their purchase in RapidStor and can immediately start using it for all their common storage needs.

Fully white labelled

StorApp has been built to be your app. Your StorApp will have your branding, your colours and integration with Sitelink.

This makes StorApp an asset for your business to improve your overall customer experience.

Secure gate access codes

No more gate codes written down on paper or customers forgetting them when they arrive. StorApp integrates with all major gate access providers and dynamically presents the current access code when your customer opens their app.

This makes code storage more secure and also allows you to change the codes more regularly without causing problems for your customers.

Payment management in app

Alert customers of any overdue payments and enable them to make those payments through an in-app payment gateway.

Customers are also able to set up recurring payments, so that you don’t have to chase a missed payment from them again.

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Integrates with your systems

StorApp is built to seamlessly integrate with Sitelink Web Edition, RapidStor and all major gate access providers.

When a customer makes an update to their account in StorApp it is updated in Sitelink in real time, meaning that there is no disconnect between the app and your system of record.

Other awesome features

Give customers 24/7 access to their accounts

Improve security for gate access

Save money as customers self-serve

Less chasing of overdue payments

Fully integrated with your current systems

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