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Sitelink Features

With a host of helpful features Sitelink is leading the way

From revenue management to business intelligent reports, Sitelink has every feature that your facility needs. If there is an additional feature you’re after, contact us and we will work with you to achieve your goal.


Online Rentals

Online Rentals

Customers can choose, book, sign and pay for their storage unit entirely online!

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Completely transform the way you do things (or don’t do things).

Some of our automation systems include:

  • SMS: Send and receive client alerts, overdue and marketing messages.
  • Automated invoicing, receipting and payments to lessen the amount of debtors.
  • Automated CRM events so you can continue the whole customer journey even once they are a storer and MORE!
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Sitelink reports on everything from tenant and unit reports, to financials, marketing and insurance and the list goes on.

A massive suite of integrations

Payment Methods

Customers can pay using their preferred method.

Accounting Software

Facilities can make use of our range of accounting integrations.

Association Integration

Stay up to date with industry news and standards.

SMS Integration

Always know what’s happening when your in or out of the office.


Use data to create and maintain effective marketing strategies.

Access Control

Control settings, revenue, discounts across multiple sites.

Local Support & Training

Sitelink Web Edition is a fully featured suite of products, all designed to help any Self Storage facility manage daily tasks. This is why we have a local dedicated team ready to support your staff get the most out of your Self Storage Management Software.

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Revenue Maximisation

Unit Rate Management dynamically adjusts pricing within the system and online each day depending on the availability of that unit type. While Tenant Rate Management gives tenants visibility on when rates should be raised based on availabilities, unit sizes and more.

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