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SiteLink vs. Storman: What’s easier to use?

Running a Self Storage facility can be a lot of hard work, but an effective Self Storage management software can make things easier. SiteLink is the best Self Storage management software out there because it makes your job a whole lot easier.

SiteLink is cloud-based software, which aligns it with current technologies. The alignment with current technology best practice makes SiteLink the best Self Storage management software available.

While SiteLink is an in-depth and detailed software, it’s still easy for Self Storage facility owners to use. SiteLink was designed with user flow in mind, making it an intuitive piece of software and a lot easier to use than Storman.

Your access to SiteLink is unlimited. You can access SiteLink on any device, including your phone, tablet, or computer, and on any Internet browser, including Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. When you use SiteLink, you also have access to all reporting online.

The high level of accessibility means operators can use SiteLink anywhere at any time, making it the best Self Storage management software.

The biggest ease that comes from using SiteLink is the automation. With SiteLink, the need for daily processing is eliminated as each process, such as sending out invoices, receipts, late letters, and rent increase notices, is fully automated through the software. The ease of use and elimination of daily processing makes SiteLink the best Self Storage management software.

Perhaps the most telling evidence that SiteLink is easier to use and an all-round better software is the annual Inside Self Storage Best of Business awards. For the past six years, SiteLink has received the ‘Best Management Software’ award, which is voted on by users, rather than judges, which makes it an accurate description of what users think of SiteLink.

If you’re ready to change from Storman to SiteLink, the best Self Storage management software, contact us today to learn more.

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