Switch to SiteLink, the world’s largest storage management software provider

If you’re involved in the Self Storage industry, then you know how important it is to have a functioning, easy to use, and well-designed storage management software supporting your business. If your current software is underperforming or placing limitations on your Self Storage facility, you should consider switching to the world’s most used storage management software, SiteLink.

SiteLink is Australia’s and the world’s most used Self Storage software provider. SiteLink services approximately 14,000 facilities and currently has over 45,000 active installations. The global reach of our storage management software has created the need for SiteLink Web Edition to be available in twelve different languages, with each edition adapted to suit specific national laws regarding taxation and decimalisation. These international versions of SiteLink make it the only truly global storage management software available. SiteLink’s international success has come as a result of our excellent customer service, highlighting the level of support our customers receive.

SiteLink also has more technology partners than any other storage management software provider. SiteLink is partnered with over 30 providers for features like payment processors, SMS providers, and auction handling. These partnerships ensure Self Storage facilities run smoothly and without interruption, which saves owners time and money when compared with other software providers.

SiteLink is the only storage management software that is PCI DSS Level 1 Certified, which means our payment portals have the same security and encryption levels as major banks. No other storage management software provider can offer the same level of protection, making SiteLink the most secure option.

SiteLink is a full suite of products designed to help Self Storage facility owners manage their business on a day-to-day basis. SiteLink Web Edition manages the daily functions of your facilities, the Corporate Control Centre allows for the management of multiple facilities, and SiteLink MyHub gives you real-time information, and functionality at a glance no matter where you are.

If you’re still not convinced of the benefits of switching to SiteLink, read what some of our customers have had to say about our storage management software. You can see more of our Google Reviews here.

If you’d like to learn more about switching from your current storage management software to SiteLink, contact our team today.

SiteLink Launches StorageForum

Get more out of SiteLink and enrich your business through conversation

SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for storage operations of all sizes, is excited to announce the launch of StorageForum, a discussion-based website designed for the SiteLink community and open to the Self Storage industry as a whole.

StorageForum launched on May 15th and clocked over 39,000 page views in its first 3 days. The syndicated daily comic Dilbert (Lifestyle section) is reportedly a “huge hit,” and users happily weighed in on the first SiteLink poll asking “How often do you run a promotion?”. Activity quickly ramped up with many lively software and non-software related conversations ranging from ideas on marketing to recommendations on tablets for SiteLink eSign™.

In StorageForum, users can discuss SiteLink software, ask industry-specific questions, discover marketplace partners and explore the unique aspects of the Self Storage business. On the lighter side, categories such as Humour, Pets and Opinion add a bit of entertainment to forum visitors. Its goal is to promote helpful, educational and thought-provoking conversations through the free exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge. Some discussion topics include:

With innovations like StorageForum and the recent release of myHub, it’s no wonder SiteLink has been voted Best Storage Software from Inside Self Storage for the past six years running. SiteLink’s continual innovation efforts and high-quality service has lead to a user satisfaction rating of over 98%.

An excellent resource for those starting out in the industry and seasoned storage professionals alike, StorageForum has a place for everyone. StorageForum is found on the SiteLink.com website and through “Community” buttons in the SiteLink client and myHub portal.

SiteLink Voted Best Self Storage Software for 6 Years Running

Sitelink Storage Management Software

SiteLink Voted Best Self Storage Software for 6 Years Running – SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for Self Storage operations of all sizes, announces their 6th consecutive Best of Business Award in the category of “Best Management Software” from Inside Self-Storage.

SiteLink is honoured to receive this award again because the online voting allows actual Self Storage operators to select their favourite company in each category. The vote is contested by over 25 software brands and Self Storage operators can vote globally with many thousands of votes.

Continued innovation saw the recent release of SiteLink myHub, a browser-based application, part of SiteLink Web Edition, allowing operators to experience mobile flexibility and manage their Self Storage operation using any computer, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection.

Users can access real-time reporting, SiteLink eSign™ Console, site walk-throughs and a powerful dashboard to manage their facility on the go. Shortly, customers will be able to take payments, perform move-in/outs and transfers in addition to SiteLink myHub’s existing management functions right from the browser.

And this is just the beginning of further web based enhancements.

Customers also enjoy SiteLinks other industry first features and services including TOTAL Accounting, TeleTracker phone integration, TOTAL CRM and SiteLink eSign™ for electronic signature capture, online rentals and lease archival.

Ideas from customers are one of the greatest sources of product innovation. With the largest Self Storage software customer base, SiteLink web Edition software enjoys a vast amount of feedback which the development team prioritizes into product enhancements with over 80 staff worldwide working each day to deliver the best software possible.

This combination of external and internal collaboration ensures that SiteLink evolves in ways beneficial for customers.

It’s all about service

“When a customer does business with SiteLink, they can expect a great product and customer service experience,” says Mary Byrne, SiteLink’s Sales Support Manager. “Our employees pride themselves on giving each and every customer the best service possible. We want our customers to enjoy our products, experience the user-friendly design and benefit from all of the features it offers. When a customer contacts us, we want them to feel confident they will get all the help they need.”

Underpinning this success has been the increase in global sales for SiteLink Web Edition. Australia remains the largest market outside of North America.

Dallas Dogger, heads up the Asia Pacific sales and support team in Brisbane, servicing South East Asia.

“We cannot be any happier with the growth of Sitelink in our region. Last financial year we welcomed more new users to Sitelink than in any of my 25 years of software sales. We are very happy with our growth from not only new entrants but hundreds who have converted from older legacy desktop based software.

Satisfied Users

Over 90% of multi-site Groups have chosen SiteLink for superior customer service and features and with multi language support, Sitelink has become the software of choice for many of our Asia Pacific customers.

Continued innovation and quality service is our hallmark with an over 98% satisfaction rating from our users.

We would like to thank our customers for helping Sitelink to win this prestigious Global award” We are so happy that SiteLink is the Best Software for Self Storage for the 6th Year Running.

The Australian team will be at the upcoming SSA Fall show in September at the SiteLink trade show booth. There is still time to register .