SiteLink was a finalist for the Innovation Award presented by the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA) at the 2017 SSAA Owners Summit gala presentation dinner in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The SSAA is Australia and New Zealand’s peak body representing the Self Storage industry and provides services to more than 850 members. Each year, the SSAA Awards recognise the excellent service providers within the Australasian Self Storage industry across a variety of awards. As the peak industry body, these annual awards are important indicators of success and are highly regarded by customers and other businesses alike.

In 2017, SiteLink was a finalist for the Innovation Award, an award designed to recognise service providers pushing boundaries with innovative technologies. SiteLink is no stranger to recognition on this scale, and has been the recipient of the Best Management Software award at Inside Self Storage’s annual Best of Business Awards for several years.

“Being a finalist for the Innovation Award in 2017 was great. To have SiteLink be recognised for the work we put in is outstanding. I am so proud of our entire team: Therese, Michael, Curt, Jake, Andrew, Brooke, Rachel, Emma, Shane, Harry, Joe, Justin, David and Ben. Staff make a business and we have the best,” said Dallas Dogger, CEO of Centreforce Technology Group, SiteLink’s representative company.

“Our team is made up of admin, programmers, support techs, graphic artists, and marketing and web professionals. No other Self Storage supplier in Australia has so many professional staff, all working to make Self Storage work for our customers,” Dogger said.

SiteLink being a finalist for the Innovation Award wasn’t the only positive from the awards evening, with Centreforce Technology Group also receiving the Service Member of the Year Award, for the third time in four years.

If you’re interested in utilising one of the most awarded storage management softwares for your Self Storage facility, contact the team of SiteLink experts today.


When we jump on the plane for our next trip, we assume plenty of things. Firstly, the plane is safe. Secondly, the pilot and co-pilot know what they’re doing. It’s a natural assumption. We can argue they’re well-trained. We also make the same assumptions about brain surgeons.

But are these the only professionals competent at their job? Lots of people go to work and do their best everyday, but how many of them know how to do that job the best way they can?

Some might argue running a Self Storage site isn’t rocket science. It may not be, but the task to manage and operate a modern Self Storage facility is somewhat more complex than it used to be. Self Storage is so much more than move ins and move outs and few box sales.

Self Storage staff are often depicted as sitting back all day, waiting to rent a space. Modern business is competitive – sitting around won’t generate business! Arguably, the role of the Self Storage Manager has evolved into a multi-disciplined professional, responsible for the smooth running of a major asset.

Equally, Self Storage management software delivers much more to users. Training staff is a huge cost for Self Storage owners, and the SiteLink Certified Professional (SCP) eLearning programme is designed to help with training new and existing staff on how SiteLink works and how it can benefit the user.

Managers have access to sophisticated rental management tools, revenue management, CRM, and much more, requiring professional skill to take advantage of the built in features of SiteLink Web Edition.

Self-paced, the SCP programme delivers multi-level training, with certification as each level is completed and achieved. Not only is certification good for staff, but owners can also have confidence knowing staff have been professionally educated by the SiteLink team.

Understanding how SiteLink Web Edition works seems like a basic concept; however, our support calls show some don’t have the basics locked down. More intensive and complex tasks are also covered in the SCP programme. The training modules allow staff to learn to suit themselves and their role within the business.

SCP provides all stakeholders with a clear indication of the skill set that each staff member has. If you’d like to enrol your staff in the SiteLink Certified Professional programme, click here. If you have more questions, contact us today.


Microsoft ended support for the Microsoft Vista operating system on April 11, 2017. This operating system is no longer considered secure and is not PCI Compliant for credit card security. The Vista operating system only supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and does not support TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 which makes all communication between that computer and cloud based services like SiteLink not secure.

On October 31st, 2017, SiteLink will block all TLS 1.0 connections to our infrastructure to maintain the highest levels of security. If you are using the Microsoft Vista operating system, you will no longer be able to connect to SiteLink. You need to update any Vista computers running SiteLink to a newer operating system before that time to ensure continuity of service. SiteLink recommends using the Windows 10 operating system, but at this time we continue to support Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the security mechanism that allows for secure communication to any HTTPS website or web service. Anytime you use a website browser to access a secured website, your computer is using either TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, or TLS 1.2. The greater the version number, the better the security. For PCI Compliance (credit card security) it is required that TLS 1.0 be disabled since it is no longer secure. TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are still considered secure and are now required.

If you have any questions, please contact the SiteLink support team.


The effective management of a Self Storage facility is absolutely essential for success. Without any storage management software, effectively managing a Self Storage facility would be next to impossible and very impractical. SiteLink is the best storage management software when it comes to managing your facility to maximise your success. Here are a few reasons why.

Reporting for analysing data

When it comes to effectively managing a Self Storage facility, the ability to report on and analyse data is incredibly important. The ability to access real-time reports on any computer or mobile device is a huge advantage as it allows you to analyse your data quickly and easily. This data analysis can help you establish the successes of your facility, which can show you what you need to do more of. It can also help you establish the shortfalls of your facility and help you establish solutions to turn these aspects around.

Automation to save time and money

The essential daily processing tasks associated with effectively managing a Self Storage facility can take up a lot of time and effort. With a storage management software like SiteLink, these daily processes are completely automated. This automation means you’re able to spend more time focused on activities that will bring more value to your Self Storage facility, which can lead to more profit and success in the long run.

Storage management software with excellent support

SiteLink offers customers an incredible amount of support. If there’s an issue with your storage management software, our support services are there to help create a solution. With the excellent customer support SiteLink provides, your problems can be solved quicker and easier. This can lead to a more effective management process and in turn, to more profits.

SiteLink’s excellent customer support, automation processes, and ability to access real-time data makes it the best storage management software available to Self Storage owners. If you’re looking to maximise your profits through an effective management process, make sure you take advantage of the benefits of SiteLink Software. Contact us today to learn more.


The Self Storage Association of Australasia has awarded the industry’s most prestigious supplier award to the Centreforce Technology Group at their gala presentation dinner in Queenstown, New Zealand last week.

The award is significant recognition by the Self Storage industry of the service provided to its 850 plus members across Australia and New Zealand

Centreforce has been at the forefront of Self Storage Industry technology for 17 years. Representing SiteLink, the industry’s most awarded Self Storage Management software since 2007, Centreforce has built a fine reputation for delivering technology to the fast paced and ever-changing Storage industry.

“Winning this award in 2017 has special significance for us as we have won this award three times in four years, including the inaugural year. I am so proud of our entire team: Therese, Michael, Curt, Jake, Andrew, Brooke, Rachel, Emma, Shane, Harry, Joe, Shane, Justin, David and Ben. Staff make a business and we have the best,” said Dallas Dogger, CEO.

“Our team is made up of admin, programmers, support techs, graphic artists, and web professionals. No other Self Storage supplier in Australia has so many professional staff, all working to make Self Storage work for our customers,” Dogger said.

The Self Storage Association represents most of Self Storage operators in Australasia and the Self Storage industry is a 10 billion industry in Australia.

Centreforce are known as the innovators in the industry and have led technological innovation in Self Storage products. The company has developed ‘RapidStor‘, a fully integrated online marketing tool that Self Storage operators use to market Self Storage spaces that are available in real time, with over 9,000 Self Storage rentals being completed.

The company uses cutting edge, high-tech software to deliver Self Storage websites via their R6 Web Design™ brand and is the largest provider of Self Storage websites in Australia.

“We focus on service to our users. Their experience with our software and products is the most important thing to us.”

In 2017, the company developed an online e-learning programme for SiteLink users delivering education resource to many hundreds of Self Storage staff members, developing their professional skills, lifting service standards in Australia.

Self Storage as an industry is growing: it employs thousands of people and provides a much needed community resource and with downsizing of the average block of land and the inner city trend to develop high rise accommodation, the need for Self Storage space is growing and new developments are on the rise.

Consumer behaviour has changed and many potential storers turn to Self Storage websites for advice on storage.

Centreforce develops software that Self Storage operators can use to attract these customers.

SiteLink Wins 7th Consecutive Best Management Software Honour

Sitelink wins for the 7th time

SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for Self Storage operations of all sizes, announces their 7th consecutive Best of Business award for Best Management Software from Inside Self-Storage (ISS).

ISS produces the Self Storage industry’s leading magazine for owners and hosts regular Self Storage Expos each year, the largest in April in Las Vegas.

SiteLink is proud to receive this renewed recognition and greatly appreciates the acclaim from actual storage operators selecting their favourite company as the “Best of Business”.

ISS lists all 2017 winners on its website

“I am personally humbled by this award. To win once or twice is a big achievement; winning seven times is a row is far beyond anything I dreamed of and whilst this fantastic award is for our company, our staff are the ones to be congratulated. They work every day around the world to make our software the best possible,” said Ross Lampe, President of SiteLink Software.

“We know customers have plenty of choice when it comes to management software and we really appreciate the support shown to us by our users,” said Markus Hecker, Chief Operating Officer. “Thank you so much”.

Dallas Dogger from SiteLink International commented “to win this award for the 7th consecutive time is a major achievement in Self Storage – I know our teams work very hard to deliver new features, usability, and reliability, so important for every day Self Storage operators. Equally, larger operators can rest easy knowing our commitment to their business is consistent with “Best in Business” practice.”

The voters reflect SiteLink’s continued growth and popularity resulting from innovation, prompt service, superior customer support, and expanding choice in technology partners through the SiteLink Marketplace.

SiteLink’s dedication to providing customers with a variety of communication channels and range of options for growing their business was expanded with StorageForum. StorageForum is an online discussion-based site dedicated to the open exchange of information relating to SiteLink software customers and members of the Self Storage industry. Active participants of the forum, as well as casual visitors, benefit from the forum’s free exchange of ideas, expansive knowledge base, and entertainment value.

Allowing free and often frank exchange on StorageForum drives innovation, resulting in better products and ultimately happier users.

The repeated awards reflect customer loyalty resulting from continued innovation. Several exciting new features are in the works, including a SiteLink Certified Professional training and recognition program, first used successfully in our international business. SiteLink continues to appreciate feedback and suggestions to build on and finesse its self-storage solutions.

SiteLink would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote in the 2017 poll.

Learn more about SiteLink’s Self Storage software at

SiteLink myHub Adds Day-to-Day Tablet Functions

Go mobile, run your business on tablets, smartphones, PCs and Macs

SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for storage operations of all sizes, has released a new version of SiteLink myHub, the browser-based companion to SiteLink Web Edition self-storage management software.

The browser-based SiteLink myHub works in conjunction with SiteLink Web Edition and runs on tablets, smartphones, PCs and Macs. SiteLink myHub and Web Edition share the same back-end server database in real-time. The cloud-based architecture offers access on any number of devices, from any location.

SiteLink myHub adoption is quick and easy because the intuitive, user-friendly interface mimics that of SiteLink Web Edition. Operators run Web Edition and myHub simultaneously because they share the same database, credentials and access levels.

Convenience is key with SiteLink myHub

Browser-based capabilities give managers and owners more flexibility to operate on more systems including mobile devices and Macs:

  • Move tenants in/out; take payments; transfer units; execute, manage and audit electronic leases (SiteLink eSign) anytime, anywhere.
  • Use the graphical reporting Dashboard to view chart data at a glance (for multiple or single locations), or drill down to detailed reports when needed.
  • Managers verify and update unit status in real-time with the Walk Thru audit report.
  • Multi-store operators enjoy one-click access to all locations.

SiteLink eSign eliminates printing and storing paper records and boosts rentals in-person, online and by phone. Owners and customers alike enjoy the option of replacing print with email. With eFile Management enjoy one-click access and audit tools for all stores at a glance.

The Corporate Control Center version of SiteLink myHub offers the same report formatting, including PDF and Excel exporting, for any specified date range. Multi-store operators access consolidated or individual store reports in real-time.

SiteLink Web Edition customers can take advantage of this added convenience by logging into with their existing SiteLink credentials. For those who want to demo SiteLink myHub or download full-version demo software for SiteLink Web Edition, please either visit our demo request form, call sales at (07) 3889 9822 or email

Learn more about SiteLink myHub and SiteLink self-storage management software at

About SiteLink

Founded in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1996, SiteLink leads the industry in cloud-based and Windows self-storage management software and built-in, in-house payment processing. Client base feedback, the industry’s largest, and continued innovation result in the fastest, fewest clicks and most modern interface. Profit tools, integrations, quality service and regular updates make SiteLink the favorite of single and multi-store operators, including most top 100 operators. Stores with fewer than 250 units enjoy special bundle pricing. As the leader in website integration and payment processing, SiteLink offers online marketing, reservations, rentals and payment solutions. Built-in electronic signature and document management, TOTAL CRM, revenue management, TeleTracker phone integration and text messaging boost profits. More than fifty SiteLink Marketplace partners like web designers, call centers, kiosks, insurance, access systems and listing services deliver tighter integrations with SiteLink vs. other software. PCI Level 1 & SOC 1 Type II Certifications and industry-first OneSupport deliver software and payment processing support under one roof.

Sitelink Receives PCI DSS Level 1 Security Certification

PCI DSS Certificate of Compliance

After an extensive third party audit, SiteLink is awarded the highest level of software and server security certification, PCI DSS Level 1

SiteLink, the global industry leader in Self Storage management software, announces another security compliance achievement by receiving the PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider Certificate of Compliance.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is an information security standard defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. These standards cover all aspects of cardholder data in a system and include card data entry, processing and secure payment applications. Large companies such as pass the PCI DSS Level

1 Certification which stands out as the highest level of certification in the payment card industry. Leading brands such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa have incorporated PCI-DSS as the technical requirements for their data security compliance programs.

PCI DSS Certificate of Compliance

“This level of certification represents a major commitment and investment by SiteLink,” said Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s Chief Operating Officer. “We manage our customers’ data in accordance with the highest security standards.”

Following breaches in 2014 of security at some sites, Self Storage owners should ask their management software provider for their security level certificate and their process of safeguarding data. Owners should consider PCI certified software, not just PCI compliant software. Software companies can claim PCI compliance without undergoing third party audits under the PCI Council jurisdiction. To protect their interest, owners should check their software provider’s actual PCI Certificate validating audit completion and proper network security standards.

SiteLink’s PCI DSS Level 1 Certification is a critical component of its comprehensive and transparent leadership effort to protect businesses. “We have always held security certifications as a priority to demonstrate how we keep customers’ best interests above all else,” said Luke Lenzen, SiteLink’s Chief Technology Officer. “Undergoing this type of certification is not a small feat. Data encryption and quarterly penetration testing are focal points of our security strategy.”

The PCI DSS Level 1 Certification brings peace of mind to owners with the understanding that external auditors have certified the SiteLink suite of software products after the most stringent security audit./p>

Dallas Dogger, Managing director of Centreforce Technology Group, who represent SiteLink software in South East Asia said, “This is another milestone for SiteLink Web Edition, credit card security should be a number 1 priority for all Self Storage operators. Customers that use SiteLink Web Edition have the capability of being PCI compliant along with knowing that their software is PCI DSS certified to level 1 standards. SiteLink is the only software for Self Storage Management sold in our region that is compliant.

Spotlight on CRM in SiteLink Software


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a powerful tool built into our Self Storage Software – SiteLink. In the past, our only contact customers was to give them bad news, usually contained in late letter 1,2,3,4 and so on!

CRM allows for other strategic notices and materials to be sent to Storers based on an event timeline. It could be a move in, could be prior to move out, could be their anniversary and there are a whole range of events that can be used to trigger a notice to be sent out.

These notices can be in RTF format or in HTML format, HTML notices provide for rich collaboration of images and videos and logos and are recommended for sales based messages.


What are CRM notices?

Examples of CRM notices that self storage softwares such as SiteLink provide can include a welcome notice, set out 48 hours after move in. In this notice you can remind Storers of your opening hours and gate opening hours and another important detail. This notice can be printed or emailed, should it need to be returned to you, your customer may have given you the right information on move in and you can attend to it quickly.

Engaging with customers regularly via specials and events, advertising packaging supplies and inventory can generate additional business for any self storage facility, after all you have hundreds of customers and over the years thousands, they could all be working you as a “silent salesman” – consider a referral discount if the recipient of the email or letter passes on the offer to a friend that does not store. The beauty of this is that with a self storage software it can do all the sending for you, all you have to do is enter the content and pricing and schedule out these specials or emails to be generated, you don’t even have to be near a computer for the email or alert to be sent, drastically reducing admin time spent on CRM and other tasks.

Importantly, communicating bad news is just as important as communicating good news. Last year we had a customer that had to shut their self storage facility for three days because of an adjacent industrial fire. They took the initiative to contact all of their customers by email and SMS and provided a daily update on when access should be available again. It was amazing to see just how many customers praise their efforts for keeping them up-to-date at a time when many customers could assume that the goods might be under threat, the fire looked very menacing on television only fuelling customer fears. Regular email communication via their self storage software avoided many phone calls in sick customers minds at ease.

As we move into the storm season and flood season, keeping customers up-to-date about your opening hours is important. In times of natural disaster, letting people know that there is a clean dry place to store goods is very important. In the Brisbane floods a few years back we published a webpage with self storage facilities with spare space and cartons for sale, it was amazing how many customers accessed those pages and at one stage 1500 views per hour!

CRM is a powerful tool allowing you to engage with your customers keeping them informed about what you’re up to and importantly specials that you might have. If you have any questions about setting up CRM contact our friendly support.

SiteLink Web Edition – Winner “Best-of-Business” Awards

Best of Business Award

conducted by Inside Self Storage, the world’s leading industry magazine for Self Storage. Awards in Self Storage are often focused on sites and staff and the award is full recognition by users that SiteLink Software is the premier Self Storage management software product worldwide.

Building on many years of loyal customer support, SMD Software Inc, based in Raleigh North Carolina have spent an enormous amount of time to ensure SiteLink Software is at the forefront of development and features, now acclaimed by its users. SiteLink will receive their award in a special presentation at next year’s 21st anniversary ISS World Expo in Las Vegas on March 14-15.

Markus Hecker, COO of SMD software Inc said “We are both flattered and grateful for the many loyal clients who entrust their operations to SiteLink. Our client’s clear, strong vote of confidence in our product, continuous improvement and service, underscores our efforts to supply stellar Self Storage software on all continents.

In Conjunction with Centreforce Technology, SMD Software introduced the Australasian version to the Australian market in 2007 and sales growth has outstripped any previous software sales by Centreforce IT. “SiteLink continually update their software – something that others fail to do. Customers expect software to be up to date and be capable of delivering all the features needed to compete in the business.” Dallas Dogger, Managing Director of Centreforce Technology said. “I am very pleased SiteLink has won this award as its testimony to the hard work that SiteLink k puts in to make the product as good as it is. Self Storage is changing every day, it’s not just renting out a few sheds anymore: its hard work to make a Self Storage business successful and SiteLink gives users the tools they need to make money.”

Best of Business Award

With increasing evidence that the Internet is the primary source of business for Self Storage, Centreforce began development of ground breaking integration technology using SiteLink’s API. (Application programming Interface) over 12 months ago, culminating with the first online Move In technology available commercially anywhere in the world.

Optimized for websites, RapidStor technology is being used by a number of leading Self Storage operators every day like Capital Self Storage in the ACT. “Our website is open for business 24/7” said Ian Oliver, Director of Capital Self Storage. “We have had over 120 Reservations and bookings since inception – all at full price, contributing to double digit income growth for the 2010 financial year.

Online move ins are a big help to our Managers, reducing paperwork and speeding up the move in process”, Oliver said. RapidStor is PCI-DSS compliant and runs on Centreforce’s compliant servers. A major feature is the customer portal – allowing users to make changes to the look and feel of the units for rent on their own websites and there is a reporting section showing reservation and rental activity.

Potential customers can choose to rent now or rent later – either undertaking a full Reservation with or without a deposit or they can rent a unit right away by filling in the details and agreeing to the sites terms and paying the Storage fees by credit card. Clients receive their Storage Agreement, invoice and are ready to move in in under 3 minutes. RapidStor works on all mobile platforms and websites and integrates fully with SiteLink Software and is delivering new business to Self Storage operators every day.