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How to Gain an Unfair Advantage over Competitors in Self Storage

Sitelink Storage Management Software

As Self Storage grows in Australia, so does the amount of facilities offering Self Storage. In the late 90’s the Self Storage industry took off in Australia and we saw many new sites take shape and rent up.

At the same time, an Internet revolution was growing in the background along with in the mid 2000’2 the first smartphone.

Our world changed forever. The Internet grew at rate that was hard for anyone to keep up with. At the same time, SiteLink software was being created and that equally would change the way we rented Self Storage units worldwide.

The global Self Storage industry at the time was dominated by two US brands, both serving the industry well enough and over time, technology would catch up with these products.

A new vision of a Self Storage world connected by the Internet was evolving and SiteLink Web Edition was at the forefront of this development, with standalone and web products.

Introduced to Australia in 2007, SiteLink Web Edition has gone on to become the fastest growing Self Storage software product not only here in Australia but globally and has gone on to become the most awarded industry offering.

OK, so where is the ‘Unfair Advantage” for users?

Firstly, cost. With SiteLink Web Edition, no servers are needed and users can install the product on as many computers as needed with no additional fees. For any site with 2 or more computers your costs are reduced and your access to data increases.

Secondly, web Integration. Your website is the place where the majority will find your Self Storage site and SiteLink Web Edition has the industry’s leading integration tools from inquiry, reservations, online move ins and reporting and much more.

Management Summary

Thirdly, empowerment. SiteLink Web Edition is flexible and allows you to promote and track spaces and add CRM events to build call to action events that sell space more effectively. Deliver real choice to storers with over 20 integrations.

I can hear you saying that this is just all sales clap trap.

Far from it. There are plenty of sites that use out of date software, inaccurate software and there are plenty that use all sorts of stuff from spreadsheets to bits of paper. It’s only when you sell up that errors rear their ugly head of which inevitably cost you money.

The Unfair advantage that SiteLink Web Edition users have is that they know their data is accurate with PCI-DSS certification, not just compliance, SOC1 certification and many audit tools.

SiteLink users can respond to immediate change and can deliver on trend specials and features to potential storers.

If you don’t have these tools then it’s costing you money. With regular updates to keep SiteLink Web Edition focused on the delivery of money making tools for your Self Storage business, users to really have an unfair advantage over competitors.

SiteLink created owns its own Merchant Service company, designed to deliver the latest high quality merchant services to users. Some competitive products are owned by large payment companies with a focus on transactional activity.

Our goal is to help you make money in Self Storage and we have helped more than 12,500 users.

To find out how your site can be part of the unfair advantage that Sitelink Web Edition users enjoy, contact us today.

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