Why Fort Knox Self Storage Moved From Storman to Sitelink With Their 20+ Facilities

SiteLink Storage Management Software Makes This Possible

Staff and customer in storage units

The Challenge


SiteLink helps Fort Knox to run its storage facilities efficiently and ensure that its clients always get a fair deal.

For more than 30 years, Fort Knox Self Storage has been helping Queenslanders and their families keep their belongings safe.

Proudly owned and operated by Queensland families, Fort Knox has earned its place as one of Queensland’s leading storage providers by consistently providing first class self storage solutions that reflect the brand’s values of integrity, family, and excellence.

Director – Operations and Support Katrina Hamilton says the switch from Storman to SiteLink 7 years ago made it much easier for the team to deliver the high standards of efficiency and value for money that they strive for in business.

SiteLink Helps Fort Knox Offer The Best Possible Storage Deals

‘We treat our clients like family, and this means that we constantly scrutinise the market to ensure that we’re offering them the best possible storage solution at the best possible price.’

‘Sitelink allows us to adjust pricing on the fly based on these price comparisons, so we’re confident our storers are not paying any more than necessary,’ says Karin.

‘And because SiteLink easily integrates with Rapidstor, we’re able to display up-to-the-minute pricing on our website.’

SiteLink Streamlines Self Storage Business Operations

Sitelink’s integration with Rapidstor also provide Fort Knox with highly efficient digital processes including online reservations, move ins, rental payments, e-commerce, cloud storage, and much more.

The software’s onboard autobilling function, and digital contracts capabilities give Fort Knox the ability to accurately track rental agreements, lease terminations, billing, and defaulters. The team can easily calculate arrears and outstanding balances as well as any refunds for unused days when required.

Fort Know banner

CRM Facilitates Customer Communication

Using SiteLink’s excellent CRM system, Karin and her team are able to communicate with their customers whenever the need arises.

This means the Fort Knox team can operate with maximum efficiency, sending updates, receipts, and reminders to clients, and ensuring that refunds are calculated correctly and paid promptly.

Prioritising the on-time payment of refunds to clients is crucial to upholding the company’s ethos of integrity, and its strong focus on ensuring all clients get a fair deal

Clear Comprehensive Professional Reports

SiteLink accurately tracks key indicators and allows the Fort Knox to draw professional reports with the press of a button. So, they have all the data they need at their fingertips and can present their findinds in a clear and insightful way to all stakeholders.

Outstanding local support and training

‘Hands down, the support provided with the product is the best part of using Sitelink. Jarrod and the team are always helpful to our site staff as well as our Head Office team,’ says Karin.

‘The Sitelink team always ensure that our background setup and default settings are respected and escalate any issues to us.’

‘We’ve trained our staff to go straight to the Sitelink team whenever they need assistance, knowing that the Sitelink staff make each interaction a training opportunity. As a result, we call on the SiteLink support and training team daily and they’re always willing to help. ’

KBH Group’s success in W.A

Sitelink played an essential part in achieving this success

KeepSafe Storage Balcatta office

The Challenge


Fast and reliable tracking and reporting of real-time data is paramount when running multiple complex self storage facilities.

KBH Group operates five storage facilities in the Perth Metro area, with an additional two facilities in the development phase. The company’s ability to maintain operational control across such a large number of diverse facilities, while continuing to expand, is one of the main reasons why KBH Group occupies a top spot on listings of the fastest growing businesses in Western Australia.

One of the great challenges faced by KBH Group (and many other modern self storage companies) lies in being able to quickly and accurately track and report essential data to ensure that each facility is running optimally.

More than seven years ago, KBH Group set out in search of a software product that would save them time and maximise revenue. Specifically, they wanted a product that would:

  • Be fast and reliable
  • Convert leads to rentals faster
  • Allow online bookings, payments, and management of storage units
  • Capture reservations
  • Provide and restrict access of individual storers
  • Track rental income
  • Communicate with storers and prospects
  • Yield valuable real-time reports that could be tracked on mobile devices and shared easily with stakeholders.
KeepSafe Storage Balcatta Automation

Sitelink Provides the Perfect Solution


General Manager of Operations for KBH Group Graham Moffitt has his work cut out for him when it comes to ensuring the smooth operation and profitability of multiple self storage facilities. Fortunately, he can rely on Sitelink to do the hard work for him.

KBH Group had a number of requirements when it came to choosing their self storage management software solution. Sitelink ticked all the boxes and more. Here are a few of the group’s favourite Sitelink features.

Proven reliability across multiple storage facilities

The software has been proven across multiple facilities around the world. This reliability is paramount when it comes to successfully tracking and managing the performance of multiple sites in minute detail.

Security is arguably the biggest concern when managing a self storage facility. Storers need to feel confident that their belongings are stored safely or they will go somewhere else. Reliable access control management is essential to providing storers with the high levels of security they have come to expect from a quality self storage facility. Sitelink makes tracking and managing access a breeze.

‘Our facilities are state-of-the-art multi level sites with a variety of secure, pin-coded, access -controlled entry ways, including gates, entry roller doors, and glass sliding doors to corridors and lifts,’ Graham explains.

‘Sitelink is vital to the initial set-up of new customer access and altering existing customers data to provide them with dedicated access through the above entry ways to particular areas within the facility. The software communicates all this information to our access control hardware, ensuring high levels of security for our storers.’

Local support you can rely on

Another important benefit in choosing Sitelink is the availability of a strong and responsive local support and training team that is available to handle all queries promptly and helps KBH Group to keep things running smoothly.

‘We have used the support and training team on a regular basis over the last seven years,’ says Graham. ‘I can honestly say that our experience with the support team has been absolutely outstanding. The team is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and prompt with their responses.’

Ease-of-use was another big plus

Sitelink software is simple to understand, easy to navigate, and extremely user-friendly.

‘We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service,’ says Graham. ‘Sitelink provides current and historical data, customer reminders, and timely storer information to our staff in an easy to follow format. This makes it simple for our staff to stay abreast of developments and ensure we consistently achieve our service level outcomes.’

Flexibility and customisation options

The ability to tailor the software to suit their unique requirements made Sitelink the smart choice for KBH Group.

‘Apart from the outstanding support, one of my favourite things about Sitelink, which assists me enormously with managing our facilities, is the wide variety of reports and flexibility of formats available,’ says Graham.

‘We also value the ability to tailor make our own management monitoring systems through extraction and integration of data from these reports.’

‘Another favourite feature of the software is the ability to setup or change defaults in Sitelink to suit our Group modus operandi and comply with legal requirements around retention of data,’ he adds.

The benefits of Sitelink for KBH Group

In summary, by using Sitelink to manage multiple self storage sites, KBH Group is able to:

  • Maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors
  • Respond quickly to market trends
  • Offer greater value to their customers
  • Yield higher returns for their investors.

U-Store-It & Their Transition From Storman to Sitelink

SiteLink helps them achieve the outstanding levels of customer service they have become famous for.

U-Store-It Office
The Challenge


U-Store-It pioneered self storage in Adelaide and has continued to lead the market for 40 years. Sitelink helps the company to maintain it’s legendary customer service levels as it grows.

By putting the client’s needs ahead of all else and tirelessly working to exceed expectations, the company has led the Adelaide self storage market for almost 40 years and expanded to cover 9 locations across the area.

The ability to maintain operational control across a large number of diverse facilities, prompted the U-Store-It management team to look for a storage management software solution that would allow them to keep a finger firmly on the pulse of each site. To do this they needed a software package that could quickly and accurately track and report essential data in real-time across all 9 sites.

U-Store-It Storage Unit
Switching to SiteLink Streamlined Operations


Switching from StorMan to SiteLink, has helped U-Store-It to keep on setting the benchmark for the industry in terms of customer satisfaction and product offerings.

SiteLink’s superior reliability, flexibility and functionality were among the many features that prompted U-Store-It CEO Andrew Eastwood to make the switch more than 10 years ago. And, they’ve never looked back.

Flexibility and customisation to suit client requirements

In SiteLink, the U-Store-It team discovered a company that matched their own strong commitment to providing tailored solutions that put their client’s needs first.

SiteLink software is completely customisable, making it easy for storage providers to create the ideal storage management system to meet their unique requirements.

‘We were especially impressed by the SiteLink team’s willingness to listen to our ideas, and their commitment to continuous customisation and honing of the platform to suit our needs,’ says Andrew.

Robust and reliable across multiple storage facilities

Maintaining their strong reputation for customer service requires U-Store-It to always be up to date on the performance of each one of its 9 storage locations across greater Adelaide.

SiteLink allows them to track enquiries, manage online bookings of storage units, accept and chase payments, and handle client communications with ease, saving time and maximising revenue.

‘SiteLink’s product is one of the most reliable platforms we use in our business,’ says Andrew.

Universally accessible software makes multi-facility management a breeze

SiteLink’s open access Application Programming Interface (API) allows U-Store-It to give access to as many stakeholders as necessary across mobile and fixed devices.

This universal online access makes it easy for team members across the 9 storage locations to work synergistically, ensuring smooth operation and a seamless client experience across the board.

Additionally, management can log in to the system remotely at any time to ensure that each facility is running optimally. This allows them to be flexible, responsive and quickly handle any issues as they crop up.

SiteLinks helps U-Store-It stay competitive in the fast-moving storage industry

SiteLink’s fast, reliable software helps Andrew and his team to respond quickly to shifting market trends, client requirements, and advances in the ever-changing fast-paced self storage landscape.

‘In a world that is transacting at pace and customers demands ever-increasing, Sitelink has been able to listen to our needs and wants and create solutions to solve our problems,’ says Andrew.

Local support helps U-Store-It run multiple sites simultaneously

Sitelink has a strong and responsive local support team onhand to handle any queries and deal with any issues as soon as they occur. This goes a long way to ensuring that all U-Store-It facilities run smoothly and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Quick Self Storage – Using NOKĒ & Sitelink together

Sitelink streamlines processes, delivering ultra-modern storage services at Quick Self Storage.

Quick Self Storage Facility

The Challenge


Quick Self Storage relies on a variety of automated systems to provide simple yet effective storage services to its clients. SiteLink integrates these to create a seamless solution.

As such, the Quick Self Storage team were after a software system that allowed clients to book and pay for their units online and granted them instant access to their storage units via a state-of-the-art keyless entry system.

The challenge lay in sourcing a storage management software package that was easy to use and could integrate seamlessly with the company’s automation systems. The ideal operations management software needed to be robust enough to consolidate all existing systems into a smart, smooth, and effective solution.

Quick Self Storage Using NOKĒ

SiteLink Helps Keep Things Simple


With SiteLink, Quick Self Storage is able to keep things as simple as possible for their clients, while offering the most technologically advanced self storage solutions available.

SiteLink’s superior reliability, flexibility, and adaptability make it possible to integrate all the various manned and unmanned automation systems within Quick Self Storage’s process management protocols. This integration ensures that all systems work together creating a synergistic effect and providing the customer with an easy-to-use yet highly advanced storage experience.

Interoperability helps to integrate automated systems

SiteLink’s capacity to effortlessly connect and communicate with other process automation systems in a coordinated way made it the obvious choice for the Quick Self Storage team.

‘We’re all about convenience and keeping things simple for our clients, which is why we offer advanced storage features, such as keyless entry via Noke,’ says Area Operations Manager Drew Dempsey

‘Additionally, we use a variety of automation systems, such as the Rapidstor contactless booking and move-in online self storage suite. SiteLink helps us to integrate all our systems and create a seamless offering to the customer, starting from online bookings on our website through to tracking the moment the customer vacates.’

Reliable tracking and presentation of data in real-time

With SiteLink, Quick Self Storage management can easily keep track of enquiries, manage online bookings of storage units, accept and chase payments, and handle client communications. This saves time and money and keeps things running smoothly across their Peterborough and Darlington sites.

‘SiteLink tracks everything in real-time, keeping everything in sync and integrating data from a variety of data streams to produce reliable and easy-to-follow reports,’ says Drew. ‘This helps us stay abreast of operations and efficiency and allows us to respond quickly to any issues that may arise.’

Local support keeps things simple for Quick Self Storage

SiteLink’s Australian support team makes it easy to resolve queries and tackle any issues promptly.

‘The support crew are very responsive to our questions and easy to deal with. They are always working to improve their service delivery, such as providing a designated UK phone line that helps us deal with urgent issues up to mid-afternoon,’ says Drew.

Jervis Bay Storage ‘Sitelink allows us to offer storers autonomy’

SiteLink helps them provide storers with complete autonomy over their storage and makes rental payments simple.

Jervis Bay Storage Facility Aerial View

The Challenge


SiteLink makes it easy for the Jervis Bay Storage team to track, manage, and monitor the activity and performance of their storage facility remotely.

The team required a robust and reliable storage management system that would allow them to run their facility from a distance. To align with their automated business model, the software needed to handle online bookings and payments and grant storers instant access to their storage units.

It also needed to allow designated users the ability to control of security and access rights on-site and remotely. Plus, monitor all storer activity, send out automated reminders and other communications and provide accurate real-time data and reports to guide future business decisions.

Jervis Bay Storage

SiteLink Makes Remote Storage Management Easy


SiteLink offers a reliable and robust storage management solution that accurately tracks and reports data in real-time. The user-friendly online interface is a key component in Jervis Bay Storage’s success.

The ability to track operations on- or off-site and seamlessly integrate a variety of automation systems were key features that led Jervis Bay Storage owner Lisa Cornell to choose the SiteLink suite. The software helps her stay abreast of operations at her fully automated storage site.

‘Sitelink is a robust software package backed by a strong support team that we can always rely on. It is user-friendly and offers us complete autonomy and the option of remote operation,’ says Lisa.

SiteLink makes it possible to give storers complete autonomy

Jervis Bay Storage clients are able to reserve, manage, and pay for their units online. And the team has complete control over site security including access permissions and restrictions.

‘Sitelink allows us to offer storers autonomy over coming in and out of the facility and making their rental payments with ease,’ says Lisa.

Seamless integration with other automation systems

SiteLink’s capacity to effortlessly connect and communicate with other storage automation systems made it possible for Lisa and her team to integrate all their systems into the SiteLink suite and manage them all from a convenient location.

As a result, the entire Jervis Bay Storage facility is fully automated which saves time and money, maximises revenues and makes it easy for storers to book, pay for, rent and move in and out of storage units autonomously.

Reliable remote tracking of data in real-time

SiteLink provides a fast and reliable means of managing the day-to-day operations of the Jervis Bay Storage facility. The software makes it easy to track rental income and expenditure and monitor performance.

Communicating with clients is easy

Customisable templates make it easy for Lisa and her team to send professional communications out to storers and prospects.

Clear reporting helps monitor performance

All tracked data can be converted into clear and concise reports which yield valuable information to help Lisa monitor and optimise performance.

User friendly interface accessible on all devices

The Sitelink suite is accessible to stakeholders via the user-friendly interface on all fixed and mobile devices making it easy to track and manage operations from almost anywhere.

Local support team is unbeatable

The locally based SiteLink support team offers exceptional customer care and is always on hand to answer any queries or help solve issues as they arise.

‘We regularly use the support team and find them consistently professional and helpful. They are solution-driven and assist us using plain English so that we are able to fix issues easily. Thanks to their professionalism, we are never stuck with a problem,’ says Lisa.

Why the Kings of Storage use Sitelink

Switching to Sitelink allowed this franchise to implement innovative processes ahead of other storage sites.

Woman pointing outside

The Challenge


When David Benson’s Storage King franchise needed to migrate to a new system, they considered all the options. SiteLink was clearly the best choice.

In late 2011, Rent Plus informed David Benson Branch/Area Manager of a Storage King franchise that they were closing their Australian software support, and his franchise would have to migrate to a new storage management system.

In searching for a suitable replacement software package, David prioritised ease of use, the number of built-in features that would optimise the day-to-day operation of his franchise, and the contribution that the software would make towards the future growth of his business.

Storage King Logo

SiteLink Comes Out Top


A meticulous assessment of the various operational software packages on offer led David and his team to select SiteLink as their preferred storage management system.

As a Storage King franchise, David must adhere to the Storage King operating procedures. However he has the flexibility to use products different to other Storage King businesses.

Through its association with Sitelink and Rapidstor, David’s franchise has been able to offer groundbreaking features and services to its customers, such as online reservations, move ins, rent payments, e-commerce, cloud storage and more, before they were implemented at other Storage King sites.

The decision to go with SiteLink as their storage management software came after rigorous examination of all the alternatives.

‘After carefully evaluating the management software options that were available at the time, I decided that SiteLink offered our business the best long term growth potential,’ says David.

‘My decision was based on several factors which included: the number of users, the operating database (SQL), availability of local support and training, innovative features, and familiarity of use from our previous software.’

Built-in library and forum are great for training new staff

David and his team were impressed by how easy it is to use SiteLink software and how the inbuilt features assist them in performing their daily operations.

The built-in training library makes it easy to onboard new staff and get them up to speed quickly. And the storage forum covers in detail all scenarios that team members are likely to encounter and ensures that they have all the solutions they require at their fingertips.

Accessibility and ease of use keeps everyone abreast of developments

SiteLink can easily be accessed on mobile and fixed devices. The user-friendly interface allows the entire team to access all the data they need. They can readily carry out operations and monitor storer activities. This allows them to respond promptly to any issues that may arise.

SiteLink templates make it easy to communicate with clients

Customisable templates available within the SiteLink suite make professional communication with storers easy.

Real-time data tracking helps management monitor performance

SiteLink reliably and accurately tracks all relevant metrics and allows users to extract professional reports from the raw data. These can be shared with stakeholders and used to guide future business decisions.

Local training and support proves invaluable

SiteLink’s Australian training and support team provide a valuable resource that David and his team draw on in a variety of ways.

‘We have used Sitelink support numerous times in several ways. They are always on hand to help us out with any software issues that we may encounter. And we’ve called on them to give us advice on certain “How To” scenarios. Their assistance goes a long way toward enhancing our productivity and helping us develop our online presence.’

‘We’ve even been able to set up face-to-face meetings with the support team to discuss our latest ideas and innovations,’ says David.


SiteLink delivered AND helped the company expand.

A-OK Self Storage Location

The Challenge


SiteLink provided the remote operation capabilities required to successfully run, and even expand, the business during the COVID-19 epidemic and beyond.

A-OK Self Storage has earned a reputation for providing exceptionally high levels of customer service and, when COVID-19 hit, they were determined to ensure that these high standards were maintained and their customers experienced as little disruption as possible.

Business Manager Cathryn Sutton explains, ‘We genuinely care about our tenants and do everything we can to make people feel welcome at our sites, ensuring that they are always clean, safe, and easy to use. It’s important to us that our storers have a kind and positive experience every time they visit our facilities.


SiteLink ensured seamless business continuity during COVID-19

When the A-OK team transitioned from Storman to SiteLink in 2020, they were looking for a very flexible system that could be easily used no matter where the team was located.

‘This was essential during the COVID-19 epidemic. Victoria experienced more lockdowns than any other region and our team could not be on site. As a result, the ability to remotely manage the four A-OK self storage facilities across the Mornington Peninsula was a priority for A-OK, and SiteLink made this possible,’ said Cathryn.

A-OK Self Storage Facility

SiteLink facilitates business growth

‘We have been growing at a fast rate, building new sites across the peninsula, and SiteLink is one of the businesses who have facilitated this growth,’ said Cathryn.

A-OK found that SiteLink is a great business to work with. They were especially impressed by the innovation and can-do attitude of the SiteLink team.

‘The self-storage industry is an amazing space to be in,’ said Cathryn. ‘It will be interesting to see what SiteLink comes up with next and what new features they will offer to make our business processes even easier to manage.’

A-OK Self Storage chose SiteLink for it’s incredible flexibility and ease of use.

The A-OK team wanted a storage management system that would ensure a seamless customer experience come what may. SiteLink was the obvious choice.

‘I was impressed with the positive can-do attitude of the staff,’ said Cathryn. ‘The software is easy to use and the reporting functions allowed us to keep everyone up to date on activities across all sites – even during COVID lockdowns.

SiteLink makes efficient management easy

SiteLink’s specialised self storage management software allows the A-OK team to keep on top of all daily, weekly and monthly tasks – no matter where they are located.

SiteLink also offers advanced data tracking, which monitors all activities and updates all systems in real-time. Plus, the data is available across fixed and mobile platforms, so team members can stay informed and follow the latest activities from virtually anywhere.

Excellent training and support

‘We found the training and support provided by SiteLink to be excellent,’ said Cathryn. ‘Nothing was ever too much trouble and we felt we could access assistance quickly to solve any issues.’

‘This was so important as our business is growing so fast, we just don’t have time to wait.’

National Storage – Over 200 facilities using Sitelink

A number of Self Storage groups were visited and valuable information about call centres, software and staffing was gathered to assist National’s Directors to make a number of key decisions.

National Storage

The Challenge

National Storage decided to change its operational software from StorMan to SiteLink Web Edition.

“Our decision to change to SiteLink Web Edition was based upon our study tour and information that we assembled as part of our due diligence. It became abundantly clear that our existing software could not meet our new expectations, so it was time to move on”, Mike said.

An implementation team was assembled with Centreforce Technology being part of the team. After wrapping up the 2009 financial year, the team spent the next two months converting the 58 centres from StorMan to SiteLink Web Edition.

Couple carrying a big box

A number of trials were conducted to ensure that core data was converted for use in SiteLink.

Both Centreforce Technology and SiteLink worked to ensure that the conversion process stayed on schedule and a number of key staff worked for 6 weeks straight to implement at site level and train staff.

SiteLink ran a night shift during this time to ensure that there was always someone on hand during Australian working hours.

At the same time the call centre in Brisbane was being established with new staff handpicked for the task, a new office, new computers with separate and specific security requirements and a national VOIP system running across a wide area network (WAN).

Squab Storage & their move from Moveman to Sitelink

How changing from Moveman to SiteLink Helped Squab To Spread Its Wings Across the Midlands.

Squab Storage boxes

The Challenge


With several self storage facilities offering a variety of storage solutions across the UK Midlands, Squab Storage needed a reliable operations management tool to keep track of multiple data streams in real-time.

As Squab Storage grew and expanded into a multi-facility organisation, they realised it was time to upgrade their operations management software system to one that would be robust and efficient enough to handle the demands of a rapidly expanding complex storage business.

They needed a software system that would allow them to streamline their operations management by accurately tracking online bookings, terminations, payments, and revenue.

The ideal package would make it easy to access data on the go via mobile devices. It should also provide clear and concise reports to the management team. These should be available in a format that can easily be shared with stakeholders.

The ability to quickly generate professional client communications was also high on the list of desired features.

Pile of boxes

The Solution: Using SiteLink To Run Multiple Sites


You can tell by the namethat Squab Storage does things a little differently from its competitors – Squab is a baby pigeon, in case you were wondering.

‘We try to operate our business in a slightly more creative way,’ says Director and Owner Alex Henney. ‘Particularly when it comes to providing help and support to our commercial customers. SiteLink helps us to do this.’

SiteLink’s Efficiency Saves Time and Money

SiteLink offered a number of attractive features, most notably the efficiency with which it allowed the team to operate multiple storage sites.

‘The store management system is robust, which is a good starting point. Add to this, the integrated Autobilling function, digital contracts, and CRM capabilities, and you have a highly efficient system that saves our in-store team a number of hours a day.’

‘SiteLink is actually saving us money since it gives us the ability to be highly efficient with our operations,’ says Alex.

Accurate Performance Tracking with Clear and Concise Reporting

‘As a store owner, I find the management information that is available very useful,’ Alex explains. ‘The reports allow me to understand clearly and concisely how each store is performing, as well as keeping up to date with aggregate performance.’

Local Support and Training Team

The outstanding local support team provides exceptional ongoing support and training to SiteLink users right here in Australia. The team makes it a priority to keep things running smoothly so that clients get the maximum benefit from their systems.

‘We have been very impressed with the overall service that we have received,’ says Alex. ‘The response and quality of the support are very good and strong. I don’t think that there has been a single issue that has not been dealt with within a clearly communicated short period of time.’

Professional Reports Make It Easy to Pivot

SiteLink helps Squab store holders and managers to accurately track key data across multiple storage sites. This allows them to analyse performance and take proactive measures to ensure that all sites are running optimally.

Tracked data is presented in clear and comprehensive reports, which ensure managers have all the information they need to respond quickly to market trends, offer greater value to their customers, and maintain an advantage over their competitors.

Diss Self Storage ‘SiteLink was highly recommended’

Using SiteLink is integral to that proposition.

Managing storage units

The Challenge


SiteLink’s advanced management features, easy check-in, clear documentation, and ease of integration with other systems ensure the utmost professionalism.

Diss Self Storage is a family-run business built on a resolute commitment to the provision of clean, fresh, well-maintained, state-of-the-art self storage solutions to businesses and individuals in Suffolk and Norfolk, UK.

Owner John Barker ascribes their success to the unwavering effort his team puts in to operating a site that prides itself on excellent facilities and amazing customer service.

The team at Diss Self Storage needed a storage management software solution that would

  • Integrate with their current systems and website
  • Help to uphold their commitment to service excellence and professionalism
  • Streamline the online bookings and payments processes
  • Allow the team to stay up to date and manage recurring tasks
  • Produce professional branded client communications
  • Produce informative reports.
Storage boxes


Diss Self Storage wanted a storage management system that would assist them in providing the utmost excellence and professionalism to their storers. SiteLink was the obvious choice.

‘Prior to opening our self storage facility in August 2020, we did a lot of research into the different operational software packages available,’ says John.

‘SiteLink was highly recommended by other site operators, and this initially gave us the confidence to choose SiteLink as our storage management system.’

‘Subsequently, we have been delighted with the software. It provides a single user-friendly portal from which we can manage and monitor our entire business.’

Integration with existing systems streamlines processes

SiteLinks integration with the Diss Self Storage website, and payment systems make it easy to ensure a consistent level of professionalism across all aspects of the business.

‘SiteLink’s seamless integration with our website, payment and finance systems mean it is efficient and allows us to keep track of bookings, rental income and expenditure, payments, client communications, and much more.’

SiteLink’s management capabilities ensure efficient operation

From a management point of view, the software allows the team to keep on top of all daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

With SiteLink’s advanced data tracking, all activities are monitored and all systems are updated in real-time. Plus, the data is available across fixed and mobile platforms, so stakeholders can keep abreast of the latest activities from virtually anywhere.

‘SiteLink’s management capabilities ensure that our site operates efficiently, which makes it easy for us to maintain the highest standards of excellence in all we do,’ says John.

SiteLink provides a professional Image

SiteLink provides easy check-in and payment systems along with clear, customisable client documentation and communications. This ensures that branding stays consistent and all customer contacts, payment requests, and receipts reflect the company’s commitment to professionalism.

‘SiteLink helps us to produce accurate and timely, branded client communications, which supports our professional image and proposition for our customers,’ says John.

Reliable local support and training

John and his team love the convenience of having a reliable local support and training team ready to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues as they arise.

‘Our experiences with both local and US SiteLink support teams have been great,’ says John. ‘The local SiteLink support team in Australia has been very helpful setting up the system, as well as our core documents and branding. The US SiteLink team helped us to set up payment integration, and provided technical support and troubleshooting.’