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Why Fort Knox Self Storage Moved From Storman to Sitelink With Their 20+ Facilities

Fort Knox Focuses on Fair Dealing & Friendly Efficient Service

SiteLink Storage Management Software Makes This Possible

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The Challenge


SiteLink helps Fort Knox to run its storage facilities efficiently and ensure that its clients always get a fair deal.

For more than 30 years, Fort Knox Self Storage has been helping Queenslanders and their families keep their belongings safe.

Proudly owned and operated by Queensland families, Fort Knox has earned its place as one of Queensland’s leading storage providers by consistently providing first class self storage solutions that reflect the brand’s values of integrity, family, and excellence.

Director – Operations and Support Katrina Hamilton says the switch from Storman to SiteLink 7 years ago made it much easier for the team to deliver the high standards of efficiency and value for money that they strive for in business.

SiteLink Helps Fort Knox Offer The Best Possible Storage Deals

‘We treat our clients like family, and this means that we constantly scrutinise the market to ensure that we’re offering them the best possible storage solution at the best possible price.’

‘Sitelink allows us to adjust pricing on the fly based on these price comparisons, so we’re confident our storers are not paying any more than necessary,’ says Karin.

‘And because SiteLink easily integrates with Rapidstor, we’re able to display up-to-the-minute pricing on our website.’

SiteLink Streamlines Self Storage Business Operations

Sitelink’s integration with Rapidstor also provide Fort Knox with highly efficient digital processes including online reservations, move ins, rental payments, e-commerce, cloud storage, and much more.

The software’s onboard autobilling function, and digital contracts capabilities give Fort Knox the ability to accurately track rental agreements, lease terminations, billing, and defaulters. The team can easily calculate arrears and outstanding balances as well as any refunds for unused days when required.

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CRM Facilitates Customer Communication

Using SiteLink’s excellent CRM system, Karin and her team are able to communicate with their customers whenever the need arises.

This means the Fort Knox team can operate with maximum efficiency, sending updates, receipts, and reminders to clients, and ensuring that refunds are calculated correctly and paid promptly.

Prioritising the on-time payment of refunds to clients is crucial to upholding the company’s ethos of integrity, and its strong focus on ensuring all clients get a fair deal

Clear Comprehensive Professional Reports

SiteLink accurately tracks key indicators and allows the Fort Knox to draw professional reports with the press of a button. So, they have all the data they need at their fingertips and can present their findinds in a clear and insightful way to all stakeholders.

Outstanding local support and training

‘Hands down, the support provided with the product is the best part of using Sitelink. Jarrod and the team are always helpful to our site staff as well as our Head Office team,’ says Karin.

‘The Sitelink team always ensure that our background setup and default settings are respected and escalate any issues to us.’

‘We’ve trained our staff to go straight to the Sitelink team whenever they need assistance, knowing that the Sitelink staff make each interaction a training opportunity. As a result, we call on the SiteLink support and training team daily and they’re always willing to help. ’

Discover how SiteLink can transform your storage operation

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