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U-Store-It & Their Transition From Storman to Sitelink


SiteLink helps them achieve the outstanding levels of customer service they have become famous for.

U-Store-It Office
The Challenge


U-Store-It pioneered self storage in Adelaide and has continued to lead the market for 40 years. Sitelink helps the company to maintain it’s legendary customer service levels as it grows.

By putting the client’s needs ahead of all else and tirelessly working to exceed expectations, the company has led the Adelaide self storage market for almost 40 years and expanded to cover 9 locations across the area.

The ability to maintain operational control across a large number of diverse facilities, prompted the U-Store-It management team to look for a storage management software solution that would allow them to keep a finger firmly on the pulse of each site. To do this they needed a software package that could quickly and accurately track and report essential data in real-time across all 9 sites.

U-Store-It Storage Unit
Switching to SiteLink Streamlined Operations


Switching from StorMan to SiteLink, has helped U-Store-It to keep on setting the benchmark for the industry in terms of customer satisfaction and product offerings.

SiteLink’s superior reliability, flexibility and functionality were among the many features that prompted U-Store-It CEO Andrew Eastwood to make the switch more than 10 years ago. And, they’ve never looked back.

Flexibility and customisation to suit client requirements

In SiteLink, the U-Store-It team discovered a company that matched their own strong commitment to providing tailored solutions that put their client’s needs first.

SiteLink software is completely customisable, making it easy for storage providers to create the ideal storage management system to meet their unique requirements.

‘We were especially impressed by the SiteLink team’s willingness to listen to our ideas, and their commitment to continuous customisation and honing of the platform to suit our needs,’ says Andrew.

Robust and reliable across multiple storage facilities

Maintaining their strong reputation for customer service requires U-Store-It to always be up to date on the performance of each one of its 9 storage locations across greater Adelaide.

SiteLink allows them to track enquiries, manage online bookings of storage units, accept and chase payments, and handle client communications with ease, saving time and maximising revenue.

‘SiteLink’s product is one of the most reliable platforms we use in our business,’ says Andrew.

Universally accessible software makes multi-facility management a breeze

SiteLink’s open access Application Programming Interface (API) allows U-Store-It to give access to as many stakeholders as necessary across mobile and fixed devices.

This universal online access makes it easy for team members across the 9 storage locations to work synergistically, ensuring smooth operation and a seamless client experience across the board.

Additionally, management can log in to the system remotely at any time to ensure that each facility is running optimally. This allows them to be flexible, responsive and quickly handle any issues as they crop up.

SiteLinks helps U-Store-It stay competitive in the fast-moving storage industry

SiteLink’s fast, reliable software helps Andrew and his team to respond quickly to shifting market trends, client requirements, and advances in the ever-changing fast-paced self storage landscape.

‘In a world that is transacting at pace and customers demands ever-increasing, Sitelink has been able to listen to our needs and wants and create solutions to solve our problems,’ says Andrew.

Local support helps U-Store-It run multiple sites simultaneously

Sitelink has a strong and responsive local support team onhand to handle any queries and deal with any issues as soon as they occur. This goes a long way to ensuring that all U-Store-It facilities run smoothly and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

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