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Why the Kings of Storage use Sitelink


Switching to Sitelink allowed this franchise to implement innovative processes ahead of other storage sites.

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The Challenge


When David Benson’s Storage King franchise needed to migrate to a new system, they considered all the options. SiteLink was clearly the best choice.

In late 2011, Rent Plus informed David Benson Branch/Area Manager of a Storage King franchise that they were closing their Australian software support, and his franchise would have to migrate to a new storage management system.

In searching for a suitable replacement software package, David prioritised ease of use, the number of built-in features that would optimise the day-to-day operation of his franchise, and the contribution that the software would make towards the future growth of his business.

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SiteLink Comes Out Top


A meticulous assessment of the various operational software packages on offer led David and his team to select SiteLink as their preferred storage management system.

As a Storage King franchise, David must adhere to the Storage King operating procedures. However he has the flexibility to use products different to other Storage King businesses.

Through its association with Sitelink and Rapidstor, David’s franchise has been able to offer groundbreaking features and services to its customers, such as online reservations, move ins, rent payments, e-commerce, cloud storage and more, before they were implemented at other Storage King sites.

The decision to go with SiteLink as their storage management software came after rigorous examination of all the alternatives.

‘After carefully evaluating the management software options that were available at the time, I decided that SiteLink offered our business the best long term growth potential,’ says David.

‘My decision was based on several factors which included: the number of users, the operating database (SQL), availability of local support and training, innovative features, and familiarity of use from our previous software.’

Built-in library and forum are great for training new staff

David and his team were impressed by how easy it is to use SiteLink software and how the inbuilt features assist them in performing their daily operations.

The built-in training library makes it easy to onboard new staff and get them up to speed quickly. And the storage forum covers in detail all scenarios that team members are likely to encounter and ensures that they have all the solutions they require at their fingertips.

Accessibility and ease of use keeps everyone abreast of developments

SiteLink can easily be accessed on mobile and fixed devices. The user-friendly interface allows the entire team to access all the data they need. They can readily carry out operations and monitor storer activities. This allows them to respond promptly to any issues that may arise.

SiteLink templates make it easy to communicate with clients

Customisable templates available within the SiteLink suite make professional communication with storers easy.

Real-time data tracking helps management monitor performance

SiteLink reliably and accurately tracks all relevant metrics and allows users to extract professional reports from the raw data. These can be shared with stakeholders and used to guide future business decisions.

Local training and support proves invaluable

SiteLink’s Australian training and support team provide a valuable resource that David and his team draw on in a variety of ways.

‘We have used Sitelink support numerous times in several ways. They are always on hand to help us out with any software issues that we may encounter. And we’ve called on them to give us advice on certain “How To” scenarios. Their assistance goes a long way toward enhancing our productivity and helping us develop our online presence.’

‘We’ve even been able to set up face-to-face meetings with the support team to discuss our latest ideas and innovations,’ says David.

Discover how SiteLink can transform your storage operation

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