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Squab Storage & their move from Moveman to Sitelink

From Nestling To Full Flight

How changing from Moveman to SiteLink Helped Squab To Spread Its Wings Across the Midlands.

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The Challenge


With several self storage facilities offering a variety of storage solutions across the UK Midlands, Squab Storage needed a reliable operations management tool to keep track of multiple data streams in real-time.

As Squab Storage grew and expanded into a multi-facility organisation, they realised it was time to upgrade their operations management software system to one that would be robust and efficient enough to handle the demands of a rapidly expanding complex storage business.

They needed a software system that would allow them to streamline their operations management by accurately tracking online bookings, terminations, payments, and revenue.

The ideal package would make it easy to access data on the go via mobile devices. It should also provide clear and concise reports to the management team. These should be available in a format that can easily be shared with stakeholders.

The ability to quickly generate professional client communications was also high on the list of desired features.

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The Solution: Using SiteLink To Run Multiple Sites


You can tell by the namethat Squab Storage does things a little differently from its competitors – Squab is a baby pigeon, in case you were wondering.

‘We try to operate our business in a slightly more creative way,’ says Director and Owner Alex Henney. ‘Particularly when it comes to providing help and support to our commercial customers. SiteLink helps us to do this.’

SiteLink’s Efficiency Saves Time and Money

SiteLink offered a number of attractive features, most notably the efficiency with which it allowed the team to operate multiple storage sites.

‘The store management system is robust, which is a good starting point. Add to this, the integrated Autobilling function, digital contracts, and CRM capabilities, and you have a highly efficient system that saves our in-store team a number of hours a day.’

‘SiteLink is actually saving us money since it gives us the ability to be highly efficient with our operations,’ says Alex.

Accurate Performance Tracking with Clear and Concise Reporting

‘As a store owner, I find the management information that is available very useful,’ Alex explains. ‘The reports allow me to understand clearly and concisely how each store is performing, as well as keeping up to date with aggregate performance.’

Local Support and Training Team

The outstanding local support team provides exceptional ongoing support and training to SiteLink users right here in Australia. The team makes it a priority to keep things running smoothly so that clients get the maximum benefit from their systems.

‘We have been very impressed with the overall service that we have received,’ says Alex. ‘The response and quality of the support are very good and strong. I don’t think that there has been a single issue that has not been dealt with within a clearly communicated short period of time.’

Professional Reports Make It Easy to Pivot

SiteLink helps Squab store holders and managers to accurately track key data across multiple storage sites. This allows them to analyse performance and take proactive measures to ensure that all sites are running optimally.

Tracked data is presented in clear and comprehensive reports, which ensure managers have all the information they need to respond quickly to market trends, offer greater value to their customers, and maintain an advantage over their competitors.

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