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Quick Self Storage – Using NOKĒ & Sitelink together


Sitelink streamlines processes, delivering ultra-modern storage services at Quick Self Storage.

Quick Self Storage Facility

The Challenge


Quick Self Storage relies on a variety of automated systems to provide simple yet effective storage services to its clients. SiteLink integrates these to create a seamless solution.

As such, the Quick Self Storage team were after a software system that allowed clients to book and pay for their units online and granted them instant access to their storage units via a state-of-the-art keyless entry system.

The challenge lay in sourcing a storage management software package that was easy to use and could integrate seamlessly with the company’s automation systems. The ideal operations management software needed to be robust enough to consolidate all existing systems into a smart, smooth, and effective solution.

Quick Self Storage Using NOKĒ

SiteLink Helps Keep Things Simple


With SiteLink, Quick Self Storage is able to keep things as simple as possible for their clients, while offering the most technologically advanced self storage solutions available.

SiteLink’s superior reliability, flexibility, and adaptability make it possible to integrate all the various manned and unmanned automation systems within Quick Self Storage’s process management protocols. This integration ensures that all systems work together creating a synergistic effect and providing the customer with an easy-to-use yet highly advanced storage experience.

Interoperability helps to integrate automated systems

SiteLink’s capacity to effortlessly connect and communicate with other process automation systems in a coordinated way made it the obvious choice for the Quick Self Storage team.

‘We’re all about convenience and keeping things simple for our clients, which is why we offer advanced storage features, such as keyless entry via Noke,’ says Area Operations Manager Drew Dempsey

‘Additionally, we use a variety of automation systems, such as the Rapidstor contactless booking and move-in online self storage suite. SiteLink helps us to integrate all our systems and create a seamless offering to the customer, starting from online bookings on our website through to tracking the moment the customer vacates.’

Reliable tracking and presentation of data in real-time

With SiteLink, Quick Self Storage management can easily keep track of enquiries, manage online bookings of storage units, accept and chase payments, and handle client communications. This saves time and money and keeps things running smoothly across their Peterborough and Darlington sites.

‘SiteLink tracks everything in real-time, keeping everything in sync and integrating data from a variety of data streams to produce reliable and easy-to-follow reports,’ says Drew. ‘This helps us stay abreast of operations and efficiency and allows us to respond quickly to any issues that may arise.’

Local support keeps things simple for Quick Self Storage

SiteLink’s Australian support team makes it easy to resolve queries and tackle any issues promptly.

‘The support crew are very responsive to our questions and easy to deal with. They are always working to improve their service delivery, such as providing a designated UK phone line that helps us deal with urgent issues up to mid-afternoon,’ says Drew.

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