Diss Self Storage facility

Diss Self Storage ‘SiteLink was highly recommended’

Excellent facilities & amazing customer service set Diss Self Storage apart from their competitors

Using SiteLink is integral to that proposition.

Managing storage units

The Challenge


SiteLink’s advanced management features, easy check-in, clear documentation, and ease of integration with other systems ensure the utmost professionalism.

Diss Self Storage is a family-run business built on a resolute commitment to the provision of clean, fresh, well-maintained, state-of-the-art self storage solutions to businesses and individuals in Suffolk and Norfolk, UK.

Owner John Barker ascribes their success to the unwavering effort his team puts in to operating a site that prides itself on excellent facilities and amazing customer service.

The team at Diss Self Storage needed a storage management software solution that would

  • Integrate with their current systems and website
  • Help to uphold their commitment to service excellence and professionalism
  • Streamline the online bookings and payments processes
  • Allow the team to stay up to date and manage recurring tasks
  • Produce professional branded client communications
  • Produce informative reports.
Storage boxes


Diss Self Storage wanted a storage management system that would assist them in providing the utmost excellence and professionalism to their storers. SiteLink was the obvious choice.

‘Prior to opening our self storage facility in August 2020, we did a lot of research into the different operational software packages available,’ says John.

‘SiteLink was highly recommended by other site operators, and this initially gave us the confidence to choose SiteLink as our storage management system.’

‘Subsequently, we have been delighted with the software. It provides a single user-friendly portal from which we can manage and monitor our entire business.’

Integration with existing systems streamlines processes

SiteLinks integration with the Diss Self Storage website, and payment systems make it easy to ensure a consistent level of professionalism across all aspects of the business.

‘SiteLink’s seamless integration with our website, payment and finance systems mean it is efficient and allows us to keep track of bookings, rental income and expenditure, payments, client communications, and much more.’

SiteLink’s management capabilities ensure efficient operation

From a management point of view, the software allows the team to keep on top of all daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

With SiteLink’s advanced data tracking, all activities are monitored and all systems are updated in real-time. Plus, the data is available across fixed and mobile platforms, so stakeholders can keep abreast of the latest activities from virtually anywhere.

‘SiteLink’s management capabilities ensure that our site operates efficiently, which makes it easy for us to maintain the highest standards of excellence in all we do,’ says John.

SiteLink provides a professional Image

SiteLink provides easy check-in and payment systems along with clear, customisable client documentation and communications. This ensures that branding stays consistent and all customer contacts, payment requests, and receipts reflect the company’s commitment to professionalism.

‘SiteLink helps us to produce accurate and timely, branded client communications, which supports our professional image and proposition for our customers,’ says John.

Reliable local support and training

John and his team love the convenience of having a reliable local support and training team ready to answer questions and troubleshoot any issues as they arise.

‘Our experiences with both local and US SiteLink support teams have been great,’ says John. ‘The local SiteLink support team in Australia has been very helpful setting up the system, as well as our core documents and branding. The US SiteLink team helped us to set up payment integration, and provided technical support and troubleshooting.’

Discover how SiteLink can transform your storage operation

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