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KBH Group’s success in W.A

KBH Group is one of Western Australia’s fastest growing businesses

Sitelink played an essential part in achieving this success

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The Challenge


Fast and reliable tracking and reporting of real-time data is paramount when running multiple complex self storage facilities.

KBH Group operates five storage facilities in the Perth Metro area, with an additional two facilities in the development phase. The company’s ability to maintain operational control across such a large number of diverse facilities, while continuing to expand, is one of the main reasons why KBH Group occupies a top spot on listings of the fastest growing businesses in Western Australia.

One of the great challenges faced by KBH Group (and many other modern self storage companies) lies in being able to quickly and accurately track and report essential data to ensure that each facility is running optimally.

More than seven years ago, KBH Group set out in search of a software product that would save them time and maximise revenue. Specifically, they wanted a product that would:

  • Be fast and reliable
  • Convert leads to rentals faster
  • Allow online bookings, payments, and management of storage units
  • Capture reservations
  • Provide and restrict access of individual storers
  • Track rental income
  • Communicate with storers and prospects
  • Yield valuable real-time reports that could be tracked on mobile devices and shared easily with stakeholders.
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Sitelink Provides the Perfect Solution


General Manager of Operations for KBH Group Graham Moffitt has his work cut out for him when it comes to ensuring the smooth operation and profitability of multiple self storage facilities. Fortunately, he can rely on Sitelink to do the hard work for him.

KBH Group had a number of requirements when it came to choosing their self storage management software solution. Sitelink ticked all the boxes and more. Here are a few of the group’s favourite Sitelink features.

Proven reliability across multiple storage facilities

The software has been proven across multiple facilities around the world. This reliability is paramount when it comes to successfully tracking and managing the performance of multiple sites in minute detail.

Security is arguably the biggest concern when managing a self storage facility. Storers need to feel confident that their belongings are stored safely or they will go somewhere else. Reliable access control management is essential to providing storers with the high levels of security they have come to expect from a quality self storage facility. Sitelink makes tracking and managing access a breeze.

‘Our facilities are state-of-the-art multi level sites with a variety of secure, pin-coded, access -controlled entry ways, including gates, entry roller doors, and glass sliding doors to corridors and lifts,’ Graham explains.

‘Sitelink is vital to the initial set-up of new customer access and altering existing customers data to provide them with dedicated access through the above entry ways to particular areas within the facility. The software communicates all this information to our access control hardware, ensuring high levels of security for our storers.’

Local support you can rely on

Another important benefit in choosing Sitelink is the availability of a strong and responsive local support and training team that is available to handle all queries promptly and helps KBH Group to keep things running smoothly.

‘We have used the support and training team on a regular basis over the last seven years,’ says Graham. ‘I can honestly say that our experience with the support team has been absolutely outstanding. The team is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and prompt with their responses.’

Ease-of-use was another big plus

Sitelink software is simple to understand, easy to navigate, and extremely user-friendly.

‘We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service,’ says Graham. ‘Sitelink provides current and historical data, customer reminders, and timely storer information to our staff in an easy to follow format. This makes it simple for our staff to stay abreast of developments and ensure we consistently achieve our service level outcomes.’

Flexibility and customisation options

The ability to tailor the software to suit their unique requirements made Sitelink the smart choice for KBH Group.

‘Apart from the outstanding support, one of my favourite things about Sitelink, which assists me enormously with managing our facilities, is the wide variety of reports and flexibility of formats available,’ says Graham.

‘We also value the ability to tailor make our own management monitoring systems through extraction and integration of data from these reports.’

‘Another favourite feature of the software is the ability to setup or change defaults in Sitelink to suit our Group modus operandi and comply with legal requirements around retention of data,’ he adds.

The benefits of Sitelink for KBH Group

In summary, by using Sitelink to manage multiple self storage sites, KBH Group is able to:

  • Maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors
  • Respond quickly to market trends
  • Offer greater value to their customers
  • Yield higher returns for their investors.
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