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National Storage – Over 200 facilities using Sitelink

A Complete Change To The Way to Run Self Storage

A number of Self Storage groups were visited and valuable information about call centres, software and staffing was gathered to assist National’s Directors to make a number of key decisions.

National Storage

The Challenge

National Storage decided to change its operational software from StorMan to SiteLink Web Edition.

“Our decision to change to SiteLink Web Edition was based upon our study tour and information that we assembled as part of our due diligence. It became abundantly clear that our existing software could not meet our new expectations, so it was time to move on”, Mike said.

An implementation team was assembled with Centreforce Technology being part of the team. After wrapping up the 2009 financial year, the team spent the next two months converting the 58 centres from StorMan to SiteLink Web Edition.

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A number of trials were conducted to ensure that core data was converted for use in SiteLink.

Both Centreforce Technology and SiteLink worked to ensure that the conversion process stayed on schedule and a number of key staff worked for 6 weeks straight to implement at site level and train staff.

SiteLink ran a night shift during this time to ensure that there was always someone on hand during Australian working hours.

At the same time the call centre in Brisbane was being established with new staff handpicked for the task, a new office, new computers with separate and specific security requirements and a national VOIP system running across a wide area network (WAN).

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