Best of Business Award

SiteLink Web Edition – Winner “Best-of-Business” Awards

Best of Business Award

conducted by Inside Self Storage, the world’s leading industry magazine for Self Storage. Awards in Self Storage are often focused on sites and staff and the award is full recognition by users that SiteLink Software is the premier Self Storage management software product worldwide.

Building on many years of loyal customer support, SMD Software Inc, based in Raleigh North Carolina have spent an enormous amount of time to ensure SiteLink Software is at the forefront of development and features, now acclaimed by its users. SiteLink will receive their award in a special presentation at next year’s 21st anniversary ISS World Expo in Las Vegas on March 14-15.

Markus Hecker, COO of SMD software Inc said “We are both flattered and grateful for the many loyal clients who entrust their operations to SiteLink. Our client’s clear, strong vote of confidence in our product, continuous improvement and service, underscores our efforts to supply stellar Self Storage software on all continents.

In Conjunction with Centreforce Technology, SMD Software introduced the Australasian version to the Australian market in 2007 and sales growth has outstripped any previous software sales by Centreforce IT. “SiteLink continually update their software – something that others fail to do. Customers expect software to be up to date and be capable of delivering all the features needed to compete in the business.” Dallas Dogger, Managing Director of Centreforce Technology said. “I am very pleased SiteLink has won this award as its testimony to the hard work that SiteLink k puts in to make the product as good as it is. Self Storage is changing every day, it’s not just renting out a few sheds anymore: its hard work to make a Self Storage business successful and SiteLink gives users the tools they need to make money.”

Best of Business Award

With increasing evidence that the Internet is the primary source of business for Self Storage, Centreforce began development of ground breaking integration technology using SiteLink’s API. (Application programming Interface) over 12 months ago, culminating with the first online Move In technology available commercially anywhere in the world.

Optimized for websites, RapidStor technology is being used by a number of leading Self Storage operators every day like Capital Self Storage in the ACT. “Our website is open for business 24/7” said Ian Oliver, Director of Capital Self Storage. “We have had over 120 Reservations and bookings since inception – all at full price, contributing to double digit income growth for the 2010 financial year.

Online move ins are a big help to our Managers, reducing paperwork and speeding up the move in process”, Oliver said. RapidStor is PCI-DSS compliant and runs on Centreforce’s compliant servers. A major feature is the customer portal – allowing users to make changes to the look and feel of the units for rent on their own websites and there is a reporting section showing reservation and rental activity.

Potential customers can choose to rent now or rent later – either undertaking a full Reservation with or without a deposit or they can rent a unit right away by filling in the details and agreeing to the sites terms and paying the Storage fees by credit card. Clients receive their Storage Agreement, invoice and are ready to move in in under 3 minutes. RapidStor works on all mobile platforms and websites and integrates fully with SiteLink Software and is delivering new business to Self Storage operators every day.

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