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RapidStor Procedure Selected As Finalist in SSAA Awards for Self Storage

Payment History

RapidStor the new online 24/7 interactive procedure for Self Storage Reservations and Move Ins has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious SSAA awards for 2011 in the Self Storage industry. Held each year as part of the SSAA Convention and Trade Show, the awards are the highlight of the Self Storage Industry.

“This is recognition of our hard work over the last year developing technology to help Self Storage businesses achieve better sales. RapidStor uses the API that SiteLink Software provides and takes moving in to a Self Storage unit to a new level, with the customer choosing their own space and price and filling out the paperwork online”. – Dallas Dogger said.

Payment History

Time savings of over 80% are possible and importantly, customers are exposed to a call to action – “Move In Now” or “Move In later” for Self Storage. For those who have made up their minds, this is great feature and underestimated by many Self Storage businesses.

Customers often have made the decision to Store their goods – Self Storage businesses need to let that decision flow to a booking and Rapidstor makes that happen. With continues improvements and feature updates, Rapidstor makes Self Storage business owners lives easier.

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