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Small Businesses “Unconvinced” About The Need For Technology – 21% Don’t Back Up Data!

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Titled “How digital-ready is your business?“, a recent Optus survey polled 850 people from small businesses containing 50 employees or less. The survey revealed that unlike SiteLink the level of technology adoption among Australian small business and how well prepared they are to operate in a digital economy.

In a sign that small business may need to keep up with consumers’ expectations, as well as continually embrace technology to grow their businesses, 48 per cent of Australian small businesses do not have a website for their business and more than

25% see no value in an online presence at all, according to the survey.

Despite the inroads made by the cloud computing into mainstream business, the survey found more than 59 per cent of small business are still unaware or unsure about the cloud and what it offers to them. In the mobile space, approximately half of small businesses have been quick to embrace mobility options and the majority have equipped staff with mobile phones for added productivity.

While the survey found that the understanding of PC security was strong, 21 per cent do not regularly back up data and of those that do, 53 per cent back up on-site and eight per cent do it off-site. Thankfully customers of SiteLink Software have peace of mind knowing that their data is protected and securely stored via cloud computing.

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These are alarming statistics in the light of many free off-site backup options. Small business place their business at risk by not backing up sensitive data, often calling in the IT professionals for help. If data is lost the options for recovery are limited and very costly.

They lag their big business counterparts who are often their competitors.

Interestingly, 50 per cent of small business feel that they know enough about IT to make informed decisions, 43 per cent have difficulties in keeping up with technology developments, 73 per cent adopt a “wait-and-see” approach before taking up IT products and services, and 64 per cent value advice from IT experts.

This has been evident through the post “Vista” period. Small businesses risk being left behind by bigger competitors who travel at the top end of technology streams, capturing the changes in consumer usage patterns. Don’t be one of those small businesses who falls behind! If you are in the Self Storage Industry or are looking to enter in to the market, SiteLink Software is a continually improving software keeping up with industry trends to ensure we remain the leaders in Self Storage Management Software.

So the question is, can small business operators compete with heavyweight competitors? Yes they can. Ask us how! Call your local SiteLink head office for more information.

Survey source: Optus

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