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BPAY joins Growing list of Payment Options for SiteLink Users

BPAY is an Australian innovation and was started in 1997 as a secure way to pay bills by phone. As the Internet grew, BPAY evolved offering bill payments through financial institutions and online banking systems. In 2002 BPAY introduced the paperless billing system BPAY View where users could view pay and store the bills from single location.

In 1999/70% of all payments were made by telephone, times of changed and many consumers use BPAY to pay their bills on time, mainly from banking institutions portals.

SiteLink web edition has now added a native BPAY application to its software suite so that self storage operators using SiteLink web edition in Australia can take advantage of offering BPAY as a low-cost option for their customers to pay.

BPAY joins ADVAM, EWay and NAB as payment methods and gateways for SiteLink users and their customers.

It’s all about choice. SiteLink Web Edition offers the most comprehensive Gateway choices of any self storage software in Australia. For self storage facilities to be price competitive, they need to have choice in payment methods to avoid costly bank charges and all of the payment options are offered by SiteLink are very competitive if not the cheapest in the industry.

There are no commissions paid to SiteLink for the use of these payment interfaces. They are provided as a service to SiteLink web edition customers and they can look forward to reduce costs whilst ever they use the software.

This model also extends to SMS charges. SiteLink uses Clickatell to provide a low cost bulk SMS services at a cost that is generally five times less that is competition, saving self storage operators thousands of dollars over the life of the software.

SiteLink is committed to adding payment interfaces as the demand increases, providing additional versatility for self storage operators to maintain their costs and to offer the best payment methods to their customers.

Bank fees and charges are considered by many to be very high in Australia and they can provide a lucrative source of income for payment gateway companies. These charges are eventually passed on via high fees and charges to customers. SiteLink is committed to helping self storage facility customers using their software to keep these costs as low as possible.

BPAY is funded by banking institutions and is an economic away for self storage customers to pay their self storage fees directly to a self storage operator at the lowest possible cost. If you are a SiteLink user new wish to introduce BPAY, contact support@sitelinksoftware.com.au and we can provide you with the details.

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