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Self Storage – Technology Will Help Your Business Through Our Current Challenge

Covid-19 Update Banner

Keeping our businesses running with COVID-19 will be a challenge for all of us over the coming months. Self Storage has been declared an essential industry in the USA and our SSAA is working on getting Self Storage declared an “Essential business”.

We are all part of the logistics supply chain.

Many sites store essential supplies for industry and especially the medical industry. Working from home or remotely does not mean that your Self Storage site needs to close. Online move ins, web payments, enquiries all can be handled on line and enabling this technology can ensure your business can remotely operate.

Covid-19 Update Banner

We are set to offer help and assistance where needed and specifically we have a range of technologies that will help your business through the crisis.

  • We can assure you that SiteLink Web Edition will keep running. Our team, both in the US and locally are dedicated to ensure that we have service continuance for you and your business. We have the largest resources in the industry. Equally, our support staff are here in Brisbane and globally are ready to help with any specific needs your organisation may have with custom messaging or any other matter relating to customer service. Please ask our customer experience team if your enterprise needs help with messaging users or anything that can assist your business.
  • If you use SiteLink and do not use RapidStor (online move ins), we can assist. Online Move Ins have never been more important – customers can rent and pay and move in with NO STAFF CONTACT, protecting customers and staff. We can implement this for your enterprise quickly and is customisable. Ask us for details
  • SiteLink can be used and accessed remotely and by any number of staff. As long as you have Internet access, you can manage all of the essential admin and notice tasks from home. Leave the computer on site connected to the gate ON with SiteLink running. We can assist you and your staff and show them how this tech works. Your site can remain open for payments and Move ins online.
  • Some of the gate suppliers have remote gate triggering technology. This tech means that customers can open gates on their phones without touching the keypad. This may be vital in the future. Ask your gate supplier if they have this tech.
  • Do you take payments online? If you don’t, ask us and we can help you get this set up. Give customers the chance to pay remotely.

Customers will still need Self Storage and your help. With the best technology, our industry is best placed to help customers that need Self Storage. If you need advice or help with your Self Storage technology don’t hesitate to ask. Our customer experience team is ready to help.

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