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SiteLink Wins “Best Management Software” Award Again

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SiteLink Wins “Best Management Software” Award Again. Self Storage operators around the globe chose SiteLink, the leader in software for Self Storage and portable storage, as the industry’s top software.

SiteLink is the only software to have won the coveted award every year. Storage operators explain their vote for SiteLink by pointing to constant enhancements, quality support and powerful features in SiteLink Software.

“SiteLink constantly updates their products and expands integration with other platforms,” said Anne Ballard, Universal Management Company’s president. “The whole package helps us do our jobs better, cut cost and grow revenue faster. I cannot imagine working without it. Way to go team SiteLink!”

Voters in the Best-of-Business poll chose SiteLink as the Best Management Software from among more than 45 other programs. The ISS magazine will feature an editorial of SiteLink and formally present the award at the Inside Self-Storage World Expo in Las Vegas, one day after the SiteLink User Conference on April 2, 2013.

“The vote reflects our commitment to quality products and services,” said Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s COO. “We are grateful and honored so many operators yet again cast their votes for SiteLink.”

Hundreds of operators outside of the United States underscore SiteLink’s success as a world program. Written in Unicode to run on operating systems on all continents, SiteLink handles regional settings including four-week billing, laws and tax structures.

“SiteLink’s award-winning software has proven itself as the most powerful operations tool,” said Dallas Dogger, Australia-based Centreforce Technology’s Managing Director. “Many users have cast yet another strong vote of confidence in SiteLink. Storage operators expect the newest features in software in order to grow profits, and SiteLink continues to deliver.”

About SiteLink:

With more than 5,500 installations worldwide, SiteLink is the most popular management software in the Self Storage industry. Quality service, continuous updates and user-friendliness have made Web Edition a favorite of single- and multi-store operators alike. Regular, automatic live updates deliver new features and technologies such as the electronic signature capture and document storage using DocuSign. More than 70 of the top 100 operators run Web Edition today. Web Edition is highly scalable and easy to deploy. At no additional charge, Web Edition integrates with other platforms such as smart phones, websites, listing services, INSOMNIAC KIOSKS and central mail providers. Powerful features like revenue management, integrated CRM, email and recently added text messaging allow users to grow revenue and lower the cost of owning software.

Best Management Software

About Centreforce Technology:

QFor more than 10 years, Brisbane-based Centreforce Technology has been Australia’s largest technology and web solutions provider for the Self Storage industry servicing Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Centreforce offers storage operators management software, software support, a full range of security equipment and website integration to boost property values and cut operating expenses. Centreforce counts significant operators in Australia and Singapore among its customers. The most popular items in Centreforce’s product line are the AccessEzy digital access control and alarm system, SiteLink Web Edition and RapidStor. RapidStor integrates with SiteLink’s API to allow online reservations and move-ins and has resulted in measurable rental increases at leading operators in the region.

About Universal Management:

Universal Management Company, a full-service self storage management company, is owned and operated by M. Anne Ballard and Norma Taylor, who together have almost fifty years of professional management and marketing experience. Universal Management’s mission has always been to maximize profits for owners through excellent day-to-day operations, supervision, marketing and training services for its managers. UMC is continually listed as a Top Operator in the annual list published by Inside Self-Storage and in a similar survey by Mini-Storage Messenger. Universal Management is a proud provider of management and developmental services for nine National Facility of the Year Award winners – and counting!

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