Welcome to Las Vegas Nevada

SiteLink User Conference A Big Success!

Las Vegas Nevada

More than 300 Web Edition and PC-based SiteLink customers, from around the world, future clients and partner vendors attended the first-ever SiteLink User Conference in Las Vegas on March 13.

“The turnout and response from attendees exceeded our greatest expectations,” said Markus Hecker, CEO of SiteLink. “Clients saw the User Conference as an extension of our commitment to customer service, training and continuous product development.” We were joined also with our International partners Centreforce IT.

Two tracks with five seminars each packaged the right mix of topics including reports, CRM tools, website integration and daily operations.

“The SiteLink User Conference was better than typical trade shows,” said Mayer Frankel, Vice President of Operations of Capital Self-Storage. “The training and new insights are invaluable. The same is true for the networking and interaction with SiteLink’s staff. I look forward to next year’s User Conference.”

Non-SiteLink users recognized the value of networking with peers and the advanced SiteLink tools to streamline operations and to increase profits. Popular topics included lowering credit card fees, integrating with websites and tracking leads to grow rentals.

Welcome to Las Vegas Nevada

“We were glad we came,” said Kent McLemore, owner of B&M Storage. “The User Conference answered a lot of questions and provided face time with the SiteLink team. We started the conversion to SiteLink this week.”

Roundtable discussions offered opportunities to share industry experiences and to learn about partner vendor integrations with SiteLink Web Edition.

“Holding roundtables, panel discussions, seminars, meals and breaks in one place fostered networking and learning,” said Jim Ferguson, Marketing Manager of SiteLink. “Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback, we will host another User Conference next year.”

While sessions covered a wide range of topics, Q&A and networking opportunities added depth and detail to discussions.

“The full-day immersion in SiteLink taught new skills and explained many features we didn’t know existed,” said Mark DiRienzo, owner of Summit Self-Storage. “Unlike some trade shows, the User Conference gave focused instructions on one subject: making money with SiteLink.”

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