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We would like to wish everyone at StorMan good wishes for the future with the announcement of the sale of StorMan.

Self Storage is undergoing consolidation and other software vendors have sold recently like Centershift in the US and Sentinel in Australia. The commitment to ongoing software development is major and few companies world wide are resourced to undertake the changes needed to deliver world class software with up to date with features.

The time eventually comes when you need to consider converting your management software to a product that is resourced to deliver. For many, this is considered to be a hard process and it does not need to be.

With many thousands of data conversions under our belt, we are often asked “How hard is it to convert our software?

The time eventually comes when you need to consider converting your management software to a new product. For many, this is considered to be a hard process.

It does not need to be! We are often asked “How hard is it to convert our software?

The important thing is that we help you along the way. No one ever said that converting was easy or without any problems. The nature of software means that not everything that is in your current software can be converted, often conversions are from older programs which do not calculate or display information in the same way as the new program that you are converting to.

When SiteLink undertakes convergence from other storage brands like StorMan, RentPlus, Space Control, Centershift and others, we especially designed tools to assist us in the process to convert major data that would take many days to re key into the into new software.

Common to most software packages, we can convert names, addresses, paid to dates, insurance details, notes history, unit types and rates and a lot more information. This core information can also include credit card numbers if they have not been encrypted by the previous software supplier – in many cases they have not been encrypted.

We usually contact your site late in the afternoon of conversion and with your permission copy across the core data files for conversion. These are then sent to a conversion engineers who prepare the base conversion overnight. Sometimes a manual conversion needs to be done with the site inputting their own data into a specially formulated spreadsheet which we then can create the data conversion.

Sale Letters

Early the next day, we are provided with your new data converted. We then run a number of checks and balances over the data conversion to ensure tax rates are correct and that the primary Data has converted correctly.

We then advise the site that the data conversion is ready for checking by the site and we provide the logins necessary to access the new data. The data is ready for checking.

Importantly, with every data conversion it is important to check each customer’s account for accuracy. We have in the special tools to make this process as quick as possible so that balances can be adjusted for accuracy should they need to adjusted. Customers were complicated accounts need to be checked as they may have multiple spaces on the one account balances need to be correct for each unit type. The built in tools assist with this process.

Once all of the customers have been checked, transactions can be added that have been created since the time and date of the conversion, often this is only a few. Technical support engineers are available to assist with any questions during the process of conversion and we understand that this is a time of concern to ensure that the data conversion is correct.

The time the conversion will take depends on the availability of site staff to be able to concentrate on the task of supervising the conversion process. Ideally having one person concentrate on data conversion will speed up the process ensuring responsibility for the conversion.

Once you believe the data conversion is complete, a daily close can be performed, starting operational processes in place. Technical support staff are trained to help with your questions and you are welcome to call as much as you need to. Sometimes the other stumbling block to conversion is worrying about training. it is our experience with over 200 conversions in the last five years, that good training resources are important and with SiteLink Software we have a dedicated website to support you with over 200 training videos and webinars for you to view in your timeframe. We can also provide one-on-one training if necessary.

We can also provide a demo database free to practice on price your data conversion so that staff can feel comfortable with daily transactions before they even get started. Familiarity and using the program regularly before the data conversion will assist in getting up to speed as fast as possible./p>

After the data conversion is completed and you are happy with the process, we often hear

“I wish I had done that earlier….”

There will be some who do not like the new software as it doesn’t have the buttons in the same place as the old software. every package is different and and whilst renting a year and taking payments are similar across packages there are subtle differences. converting from your last software is a challenge in our view we have tried to make it as easy as possible importantly changing to a leading product like SiteLink has other benefits that should outweigh minor conversion issues that can be overcome.

12 months after the conversion you will wonder why it took so long to do it!

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