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When we jump on the plane for our next trip we assume plenty of things. Firstly, that the plane is safe and secondly that the pilot and the co-pilot know what they are doing.

It’s a natural assumption. We can argue that they are well trained and we also make the same assumptions about brain surgeons.

Are these the only professionals competent at their profession?

Lots of people every day go to work and do their best but how many of them know how to do that job the best way they can?

Some might argue that running a Self Storage site is not rocket science. It may not be, but the task to manage and operate a modern Self Storage facility is somewhat more complex that it used to be – especially when you don’t have a self storage software that works.

Self Storage staff are often depicted as sitting back all day waiting to rent a space. Modern business is competitive – sitting around won’t generate business!

Arguably, the role of the Self Storage Manager has evolved into a multi-disciplined professional, responsible for the smooth running of a major asset.

Equally, Self Storage management software delivers much more to users. Training staff is a huge cost for Self Storage owners and the SiteLink Certified Professional e-learning programme is designed to help with training new and existing staff into how SiteLink works and how it can benefit the user.

Introduced in Australia in 2017, the self storage software programme was developed locally and then rolled out to the US users in late 2017 with immediate benefit.

Hundreds world-wide are enrolled since the start and the real value has been accelerated understanding of SiteLink self storage software allowing managers to manage their facilities with more accuracy and understanding.

Self Storage & having the correct self storage software is so much more than move ins and move outs and few box sales.

Managers have access to sophisticated rental management tools, revenue management, CRM and much more, requiring professional skill to take advantage of the built-in features of SiteLink Software.

Self-paced, the SCP Certification programme, delivers multi-level training, with certification as each level is completed and achieved.

Not only is certification good for staff but owners can have confidence knowing that staff have been professionally educated by the SiteLink team.

Understanding how SiteLink Software works seems like a basic concept, our support calls show that some do not have the basics locked down well. More intensive and complex tasks are also covered in the SCP programme.

The training modules allow staff to learn to suit themselves and their role within the business.

SCP Certification provides all stakeholders with a clear indication of the skill set that each staff member has.

The SCP programme is the only one of its type for Self Storage operators and is a part of the overall support initiatives of Sitelink globally.

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