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Is Your Data Safe?

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For many, Key data sits on your computer and is potentially exposed to anyone who may have access to your computer. That includes outsiders who may have access to your computer over the Internet without your knowledge.

Is your computer secure? When your computer starts up does it prompt you for a password or a login? That should be your primary tool to prevent unwanted access to your computer. Without this prompt, whatever is stored on your computer is vulnerable and in some cases may even make you liable if information is taken from your computer and used illegally.

If you are a business owner and self storage operator, it is imperative for the privacy of your clients data that you invest in a reliable storage management software.

For many years SiteLink has reminded everyone in our newsletters to back up their data. But what do you do with the backups you make? Don’t just throw them in the drawer! There is more to data security than you might think. Take them off site, every day, without fail.

SiteLink, a storage management software takes data security very seriously and uses the most up-to-date and secure technologies available today to make sure that your data is secure. For instance, no credit card details are kept in the local database of the software; that means that if your computer was stolen and all passwords were discovered, credit card numbers would still be safe.

We all have hundreds of passwords, we use them every day to access the bank, websites, software and more. Do you have these are all written down? If you do, be very careful as to where you put this information. Some people put this information into a file on the desktop of the computer. That is like a box of lollies to a computer thief. There are a number of secure software packages that can encrypt passwords and usernames for your use.

Your bank account will disappear very rapidly if you do this on your computer and it is stolen. How can a storage management software such as SiteLink secure your data? Firstly, there are four levels of password protection. A user must know 4 different credentials to login.

Storage management softwares like SiteLink’s data is stored in one of the world’s most secure data centres. There is no public access to this area and the building that the servers are in will withstand a bomb impact. Should the power be cut off, multiple redundant power generation systems will kick in. SiteLink uses a number of firewall appliances, including deep packet inspection on every piece of data that goes in and out of the Data centre. This is to ensure that no data can go to the wrong person or company and that the data is safe. There are multiple backups, in different buildings in different data centres in SiteLink backs up your data for 90 days. Do you go to the same effort?

Management Summary Data

SiteLink is PCI – DSS compliant. But what does that mean?

This means that SiteLink has passed PCI certification for credit card security. Centreforce also uses cloud based server technology that is PCI -DSS compliant. RapidStor which is Centreforce’s online move in technology is also PCI compliant.

It’s very important to make sure that credit card transactions are secure. Centreforce takes the security of credit card information very seriously and keeps no records of credit card numbers physically, nor do we access customers Data without permission. We do not mine data and we respect people’s privacy. In some cases nondisclosure agreements are signed where necessary.

We use professional data centres with all the security that they offer to protect your valuable data. We do not host any data systems at our offices. Frankly no office is secure enough. Data Centres are.

When you evaluate your storage management software of choice, consider these points very carefully. Stand-alone systems with backup software may seem secure, but without elaborate security measures potential for data to get into the wrong hands is high. Self Storage facilities regularly get broken into and if the computer is stolen and you have not taken a significant security measures on the computer then your data and potentially your customers information is exposed.

Use this test:

If you go out to lunch and you come back and your building has burned down or been flooded, could you recover all of your core data to the point just before you went to lunch?

If the answer is No, then you have some work to do. Sound implausible? Just ask the businesses in Toowoomba last year. 10 minutes and their data was lost.

If you need any advice about security of your data, please contact us.

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