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ADVAM Make their Positon Clear On Credit Card Fees

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Philipe Safi, Managing Director of ADVAM made their position very clear about ADVAM charges and SiteLink Software users recently.

“When SiteLink was introduced at the Storage Expo on the Gold Coast in 2007, we were asked by some of our existing customers if we could interface to the new software.

We began working with Centreforce IT and SMD and we provided our API and in no time SiteLink had the interface complete. We jointly tested the product and we released it soon after the debut of the software”. He said.

I might add that in the 4 years we have been working with the team at Centreforce and SiteLink, we have had very few technical issues and certainly none in recent memory”. He added.

SiteLink Software is the only PCI-DSS complaint software available for Self Storage sites in Australasia and this standard is an important compliance issue locally for users. Software that complies with this standard has added protection for consumers. It is the responsibility of users to be compliant.

As the market for credit card gateways has expanded this has squeezed margins meaning the common practice of paying rebates to software vendors that write interfaces has long gone.

Credit Card

“Centreforce IT and SiteLink have never been paid any rebates from credit card fees” Mr Safi said.

Dallas Dogger, Managing Director of Centreforce IT said. “SiteLink interfaces to a number of third party products including commercial electric gates, Credit card gateways, SMS gateways and the SSAA’s Storer Check product. We have not charged for those gateways nor have sought to be paid by them anything. The ongoing maintenance of these gateways is minimal, but looked after by SiteLink in the normal course of business. We work to ensure that any third party gateway works for our users and we consider it a service to do so”. He said.

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